Artist Andrew Tarusov’s Game of Thrones Pin-Ups of Your Favorite Female Characters

Russian illustrator Andrew Tarusov has taken female characters from the hit show “Game of Thrones” and given them the pin-up treatment.  The artist specializes in Vintage style Pin-Ups and comics. Have […]

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“Tracing Dick Tracy” Indiegogo Funding Project on the 84-year-old Comic Strip!

“Tracing Dick Tracy” is an Indiegogo funding project; About the 84-year-old comic strip, Dick Tracy himself, his influence upon American Pop Culture and reflections on his history by celebs in the […]

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Jon Bernthal Cast as Frank Castle The Punisher in Marvel’s Netflix Series; Daredevil Season 2!

The streets of Marvel are about to get PUNISHED and who best to do it? How about “The Walking Dead’s” most badass actor of all time!! Jon Bernthal! Jon Bernthal who […]


Excited For Terminator Genisys? Then Check Out Terminator Genisys Revolution – Free Mobile Game

A lot of hype has been going into the movie directed by Alan Taylor, Terminator Genisys.  It even looks to be promising enough that James Cameron (director of previous Terminator movies […]