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[Crowdfunding] Matt Miner & Sean Von Gorman are Back w/ RETURN OF THE TOE TAG RIOT ~ LIVE on Kickstarter!

RETURN OF THE TOE TAG RIOT HITS KICKSTARTER TO SPLIT HELL WIDE OPEN!   The comic book series that the infamous hate group Westboro Baptist Church claimed would “split Hell […]

Cash + Carrie
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[Interview] Creator Shawn Pryor of CASH + CARRIE – Book Two: “Summer Sleuths” ~ The All-Ages OGN Now on Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter for the all-readers graphic novel CASH + CARRIE – BOOK TWO: SUMMER SLEUTHS is live!   CASH + CARRIE – Book Two: “Summer Sleuths” is a new creator-owned […]

Road Trip to Hell
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[Interview] ROAD TRIP TO HELL #1 – Nicole D’Andria Delivers Dark Comedy w/ the Devil, Demons & the Dead ~ Now on Kickstarter!

Officially launching its Kickstarter on Monday, September 10th, ROAD TRIP TO HELL is a new creator-owned series coming from the mind of writer/editor Nicole D’Andria. The script editor, marketing director […]

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[Crowdfunding] One Week Left to Back Shawn Pryor’s Mythic, Sci-Fi Original Graphic Novel – LIFTED: OF GODS AND THIEVES!

One week left to back the LIFTED: OF GODS AND THIEVES Kickstarter! A teleporting thief-for-hire takes on more than she & her team could ever expect in this mythic/sci-fi action […]

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[Interview] LGBTQIA-Driven, Political/Civil Rights-Focused l AM HEXED – An All-New Modern Witch Tale Now on Kickstarter!

Officially launching its Kickstarter on Tuesday, June 19th, I AM HEXED is a comic book about the political struggles of modern witches. It is written by Kirsten Thompson, whose work includes being […]

Sela Mathers
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[Crowdfunding] Zenescope Funds Kickstarter in Under 3 Hours; Announces Sela Mathers Collectible Statue

Zenescope Entertainment Announces Collectible Statue Kickstarter Zenescope Entertainment has successfully funded its newest Kickstarter campaign in less than 3 hours as the company unveiled a new line of “bishoujo-style” collectible […]

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[Crowdfunding] SHINOBI: NINJA PRINCESS Collected Into 326-Page Hardcover ~ Now on Kickstarter!

SHINOBI: NINJA PRINCESS HARDCOVER COLLECTION Kickstarter launches now! For the first time ever, SHINOBI: NINJA PRINCESS is being collected in a hardcover edition. This beautiful book is 326 pages of […]

Squaredy Cats

[Crowdfunding] Monkey Doodle Dandy’s Kurt Marquart & Elaine de la Mata Reboot Squaredy Cats!

Independent Toy Designers Reboot Squaredy Cats – #snuggleasquare Toy designers, Kurt Marquart and Elaine de la Mata, co-founders of Monkey Doodle Dandy studio are rebooting their brand of characters called Squaredy Cats. […]