CosAwesome 2015

Cosplay is CosAwesome

When a group of cosplayers get together for some casual fun and costuming, you know there are going to be some good stuff. Combine them with some fantastic photographers and […]


Springfield, Illinois Invaded by Cobra

As if Illinois didn’t have enough problems with corruption, now they are handing the keys of its capital city, Springfield, over to Cobra Commander? Believe it or not it really […]

courtesy of Jenna Braunstein Photography

C2E2 Villains Night at Chicago Geek Bar Beta

This past Saturday was the Villains portion of the Heroes and Villains event at Geek Bar Beta in Chicago. The turnout was fantastic, and the costuming and people were a great group of people. Chicago has a long history of villainy and this gathering of evil doers easily rivaled even Capones own get-togethers. […]