C2E2 Villains Night at Chicago Geek Bar Beta

This past Saturday was the Villains portion of the Heroes and Villains event at Geek Bar Beta in Chicago. The turnout was fantastic, and the costuming and people were a great group of people. Chicago has a long history of villainy and this gathering of evil doers easily rivaled even Capones own get-togethers.

All genres of evil were present from DC, Marvel and even Disney. A few of the more notable ones included a Riddler, Black Cat, Scarlett Witch, Dark Pheonix, Harley Quinn, Doctor Doom, Dead Shot, and Cheshire. Other familiar cosplays were Loki, Lady Joker, Carmen San Diego, Queen of Hearts and Cat Woman. There were way more cosplays than I could list here. But of course there was the obligatory Deadpool, is there ever a cosplay gathering without at least one?

Amazingly, during this gathering of nefarious foes their was no bloodshed, though I do think a contract was taken out on Deadpool by Madame Masque.

Besides cosplay there was also art, artists gathered to draw and compete for tickets to C2E2.

This was a great warmup for C2E2 in April.

I would like to thank Samuel Paakkonen and Brandon Phipps Photography for letting me use their pictures.