Lego Harry Potter

For any Harry Potter fan, the ultimate dream is to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Widzardry, or one of its counterparts across the globe. Unfortunately, that is not possible, but the next best things might be this LEGO set.

At 6,020 pieces, it is the largest Harry Potter LEGO set, and just behind the biggest LEGO set, the Millenium Falcon. Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly revealed photos of the LEGO set.

With this set, you don’t just build the exterior of the castle, but several well-known rooms, as well as parts of the castle grounds. They include the Great Hall, the Gryffindor common room, the Room of Requirement, the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, the chess and Devil’s Snare chambers from Sorcerer’s Stone, Snape’s Potions dungeon, the Goblet of Fire, Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom, and the offices of Professors Dumbledore and Umbridge. Outside contains the Whomping WIllow, the Chamber of Secrets, Hagrid’s hut, boats, several creatures, and greenery. The set is highly detailed, featuring bricks, staircases, stained-glass, torches, and intricate paintings to bring the school to life.

Bringing life to the magical halls are micro and minifigs of many well-known Harry Potter characters – Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Lupin, Draco, Voldemort, Filch, Bellatrix, Umbridge, and the four Hogwarts founders.

The Hogwarts LEGO set is available August 15th for VIP LEGO members, and September 1 for everyone else. The LEGO set will cost $399.99, but I think many Harry Potter fans will find that money well-spent to own something like this.