kardblockThere are very few apps that I use on a regular basis, so when a new app comes along it’s very rare that I get excited about them. But there is one new app that I think might just be worth downloading.

KardBlock is an app currently in development that will block any mention of the Kardashian clan from your newsfeed. After all, do you really care what color Kim’s hair is? Or who one of them is sleeping with? I know that I don’t.

I’m not even sure how they ended up all over the Internet, but I don’t care to see anything on them. Which is why the idea behind Kardblock is awesome. It will block out any mention of the ‘K’ clan from ever hitting your newsfeed.

Which technically means that you wouldn’t see this article, but if you already had KardBlock then you wouldn’t need to see this article to learn about the app.kardblock2The KardBlock app is still in development, but if you sign up on their site you will get access to the Beta release.

They also mention that they are working on customization features for other annoyances such as Justin Beiber. So in the future you may be able to set your KardBlock app for anyone. Whether they marry into the Kardashian clan, join politics or just happen to be your ex that means you won’t have to see them on your screen ever again. Just think how scary your news feed would be if your ex married a Kardashian and then ran for senate? The KardBlock will save you.