Besame Cosmetics Adds to its Marvel Collection with ‘Infinity War’

besame infinity war

As we previously shared with you, Besame Cosmetics just launched an Agent Carter collection this past weekend. To celebrate the release of the collection, Besame held a party on Saturday night. Peggy Pincurls was there and got us photos of the party itself.  On display was the entire collection, as well as copies of the company’s newsletter- the Besame Bugle.

During the celebration, the company revealed a larger part of the collection to tie in with Avengers: Infinity War.  At the party and via Instagram Live, founder Gabriela Hernandez announced a line of lip glosses and eye shadows. Each item will correspond to each of the six Infinity Stones.

The Infinity Stones are six immensely powerful objects tied to different aspects of the universe, and they each are a different color. They have been slowly introduced throughout the past 10 years of the MCU, appearing in various movies. There is the Time Stone (green, Doctor Strange), the Space Stone (blue, the Tesseract in Captain America and The Avengers), the Mind Stone (yellow, Avengers: Age of Ultron), the Reality Stone (red, Thor: The Dark World), the Power Stone (purple, Guardians of the Galaxy), and the Soul Stone (orange, has not yet been found). It is the goal of Thanos to collect all six gems into the Infinity Gauntlet so that he can bend the universe to his will.

The six lip glosses are inspired by the 1960’s, having a lava lamp effect to them, and are packaged in glass rollerballs. The eye shadows can be used on more than just the eyes – they can also be used as a highlight or as lipsticks with just a little water.

The items will be sold in complete packages of six – one for the lip glosses and one for the eye shadows. They are now available for purchase on the Besame website. They will begin shipping the week of May 14th. The eye shadow set costs $37.50, and the lip glosses cost $34.80.