Attack on Titans Finally Arriving in North American Theaters!

attack-on-titan-live-action-film-posterAttack on Titan fans in North America will finally get to see the live action movie. FUNimation® Entertainment has finally announced theater dates in the U.S. & Canada. Attack on Titan Part 1 hits theaters beginning September 30th and is quickly followed up by Attack on Titan Part 2 on October 20th. AOT2Gen Fukunaga, CEO and President of FUNimation Entertainment, stated, “Attack on Titan is a worldwide phenomenon and we are excited to bring the live action movies to not only fans of the manga and anime but also horror fans as well from across the U.S. and Canada.”AOT

The problem is that the theaters showing it are few and far between. I can only find eight theaters in a 50 mile radius that are showing it, and I’m not that far outside of Chicago. So, even though it is being released to theaters we may still have to wait for it to hit video before we can watch it.AOT1If you want to see if it is in a theater near you, click on this link and enter your zip code.