I love good cheesy horror and at the top my list of favorites is the whole Evil Dead Series. I even have the video game Evil Dead: Regeneration. It is because of those movies that I fell in with the styles of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. I think I have watched almost everything that either of them have done.

When Starz announced a few months ago that they were picking up a new series by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, I was thrilled.

Ash vs. Evil Dead has apparently been something these two evil geniuses have been discussing off and on for years and they already have five seasons planned out. They are obviously pretty confident that their show will be a hit. That means at least 50 more episodes of Deadites and badass chainsaw-wielding Ash. I love it!

Casting has already been done and according to IMDB there are at least two episodes already.

In the new series, Bruce Campbell will return as Ash. He is partnered up with Ray Santiago, who plays Pablo Simon Bolivar, a character described as a Sancho Panza-type character, and Dana Delorenzo as Kelly Maxwell. Also in the cast is Jill Marie Jones from Sleepy Hollow, who plays Amanda Fisher, a Michigan State Trooper who pursues Ash for the murder of her partner.

It looks like filming may be underway; we just aren’t yet sure when we can hope to see Deadites and Ash return to the screen. All we know at this point is that it will be sometime this year.

Images courtesy of Starz and IMDB