AMC Releases 30-Second Mid-Season Premiere Trailer for ‘The Walking Dead’

TWD Banner

****WARNING – If you have not seen the most recent season of AMC’s The Walking Dead or have not read the comics and do not want any spoilers, stop now!  You have been warned.****

AMC has released a 30-second mid-season premiere trailer for their hit show The Walking Dead.  The trailer begins with a glimpse of how the first half of the season transpired along with Rick Grimes sharing his thoughts on Alexandria.  The part that might have viewers mostly on edge is when Maggie is screaming.  To some, she could just be screaming, but to others the clip might be catching her midway screaming out for Glenn as some speculate (because it happens in the comics) *POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT* we will see him die at Negan’s hand or rather get a kiss from Lucille.

Check out the trailer below and let us know in the comments… if someone dies this season, who will it be?

AMC’s The Walking Dead is set to return on February 14, 2016.