Alien Reboot is Official

The rumors of a new Alien movie have been confirmed. Ridley Scott, the director of Alien, Blade Runner and Prometheus will now be producing the latest in the Alien series of movies. He is also set to direct and produce a Prometheus sequel.

Blomkamp officially announced the addition of the latest Alien to his directing resume last week with an Instagram post “Um… So I think it’s officially my next film. #alien.” This was followed shortly afterward by Variety running an article that called this an Alien Reboot.

The newest Alien movie will be directed by Neill Blomkamp. This is the same director who gave us District 9, and Elysium. Movies that are okay in my opinion, but aren’t worth the full price ticket at a theater. Lets see if Chappie, which is to be released on March 6, will show us he has grown as a director.

Hopefully the addition of Ridley Scott will bring the directing up to a new level and make this a film worthy of its predecessors.

Unfortunately there is no script for either the Alien or the Prometheus movie and casting has not been confirmed so we do not know if Sigourney Weaver will be returning.

I just wonder if we really need another movie reboot? Can’t they just take the whole idea and just make it another part of the universe rather than rebooting it?