[Ad] Women’s addictions to gambling

Since the earliest times, when gambling has just begun to emerge, women always passed it by. Patriarchy reigned in the world at all times, and games were no exception. And those women who broke through this veil of “inaccessibility of the game” became legends and many people talked and wrote about them for a long time afterward.

Today, the situation has changed radically. According to research, more than half of the world’s population takes part in gambling games every year. However, women occupy a considerable part of this mass now. And preferences among women regarding certain games have already been formed. For example, the top three female favorites are games such as bingo, slots of various themes, and poker.

Men vs. Women

The views of men and women on gambling are fundamentally different. This is because they perceive gambling differently. If you conduct an experiment and ask a woman to describe a visit to a casino, she will most likely describe the atmosphere of the casino, the people, her feelings and emotions concerning this place. The man, on the other hand, will talk about how he was lucky in roulette or how the slot machine took all his money. And in the center of his story will always be money, won or lost.

It has been proven that women use gambling to escape from everyday life and routine, and, choosing a game, prefer those with less action. They come to the casino to enjoy the game, have a great time, and get moral satisfaction. But such trifles as winning or losing are just formalities, women do not pay attention to them.

Women and gambling – three main reasons for the game

Reason number one – Gambling helps to escape from the problems and routine in which a woman spends most of her life. In the gambling world, they can forget about everything, plunging headlong into the game and not thinking about anything. Secondly, it is a very good kind of entertainment and enjoyment for wealthy and sophisticated ladies. And, the third reason for low-income women in society is a way to make money and improve their financial situation. Well, all three reasons are good enough reason to play.


Among the favorites of gambling among the ladies, Bingo takes first place. The history of this game dates back to 1530 and today its popularity is still at its height. Over time, this game has become truly feminine, as statistics around the world show. More than 70% of Bingo players are women. And the reason for the popularity of this game is its social aspect. Women need to communicate, and Bingo is an ideal gambling game that meets this female need 100%. Besides, this game is quite simple and does not require excessive concentration, which, in general, is not always typical of a woman.


The second place of honor belongs to slots of various themes. Women, in contrast to men, who tend to seek to satisfy their need for thrills through games; prefer games based on luck. Slot machines belong to such type of games. Also, slots do not require high bet rates, and, therefore, you can just have fun and get your dose of entertainment.


As for poker, this game has recently become a favorite of women. This is a consequence of the fact that women have become more self-confident, bolder, more self-sufficient, and intelligent. And now they are not ashamed to fight on a par with male rivals. Today they take part in world poker tournaments and the number of participants there only grows every year.