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Here is a list of some of the best video games that are inspired by movies in different genres.

Gone are the days when movie-based games were launched just to promote the movies. Recently, developers are putting more effort into making movie-based games providing the gamers with engaging and realistic game play making them feel as if they are a part of the movie. Here is a list of some of the best video games that are inspired by movies in different genres.

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay

This game truly projects the storyline of the movie. The action from the movie is brilliantly incorporated and there is a lot of killing in the game, in the shadows as well as in light. The game is very violent. However, it is appreciable how it uses the action of the movie and makes it amazingly good.

Golden Eye 007

This amazing game was first launched on N64. The gameplay was surprisingly outstanding, with a fantastic multiplayer setup. This competent shooter game was one of the most engaging shooter games that could be played on the console. The game offered various arenas in which the player could shoot their opponents. Availability of several characters and modes added to the gaming experience.

The Warriors 

This game is all about boxing and there are five thugs in the game known as the warriors. The publisher proved that they could make more than just the GTA games. It was possible for them to just pick the source material and design a game based on it that was fun. The characters of the game were a lieutenant swan, muscles Ajax, leader Cleon, Cleon’s friend vermin and swan’s friend cowboy, the scout fox, Harlem native Cochise, Rembrandt.

Alien Isolation

The game captured the original film Alien in which a creature was killing the crew one by one. In the game, the main character stands against an alien. This is a single-player game and the player explores the space station by killing enemies and the alien. It’s a horror game because the creature is unpredictable and can attack anytime.

Spider-Man 2

Listening to this movie name gives a glimpse of the amazing web swinging. However, the game based on the movie offers an amazing experience to the player as he can enjoy climbing up the empire state building and diving down to cluttered streets just to shoot a spider web.

Blade Runner

The game is about an elite detective who has a job of hunting replicates and has both single and multi-player modes. The game is adventurous and perfectly matches the tone and pacing by using the source material effectively.  

X-Men Origins Wolverine

The movie originally was not liked by many. However, the game on the contrary is highly engaging and surprisingly good. In the game, you get to play as the main character Wolverine fighting with the enemies and leading a trail of dead bodies behind. The game very well captures the violence by the character which is a result of his anger.

Star Wars Rouge Squadron 2: Rogue Leader

Being a Star Wars fan, you might be aware of how entertaining the space battles are. If you want to be a part of such space battles, try this game once. This flight action game allows you to shoot enemy ships rolling past the asteroids. This game has ten levels and the player has to complete sixteen missions. The game very well presents a part of the movie into a game.

Scarface – The World is Yours

This game catches the spirit of the film and there is a lot of fun that players can have. This game made a recognizable cast of characters. Playable characters of the game are Chauffeur, Enforcer, and assassin.

King Kong by Peter Jackson

This game perfectly adapts the movie and is fun and unique in its own way. The game offers a perfect combo of third-person combat and first-person shooting. On one side, the player gets to play as a human moving through the skull island, watching the dinosaurs and trying to kill them. On the other hand, one can play as king kong, the beast, brutally assaulting the dinosaurs.  

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

The game is all about the battle between the robots and men and the hunt for a terminator. Being a shooter game, it has mind-blowing explosion and actions. As the screen moves slowly, you get to shoot down new images. There are two terminator machine models, T-800 and T-1000, the T-800 will perform the task of protecting a boy.

Disney’s Aladdin

The game is based on the animated movie Aladdin which was loved by all due to its touching story, bright visuals, and catchy music. It’s a 2D game that has the film’s spirit allowing the players to experience the story and enjoy good actions throughout. The game exactly does not follow the movie but does its justice.

Resident Evil 

This is a horror video game series. The game comprises third person shooter, first person shooter, and survival horror games. It meets the storyline of the movies and with new parts, new games were introduced. This gaming series is one of the grossest and defining zombies and survival horror genres. The recently released versions can be played on Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Silent Hill 

This survival horror game is the first game based on the Silent Hill series. It was originally released in 1999 on Sony PlayStation and re-released on PlayStation 3 and Vita. Some characters of the game are Harry Mason, James Sunderland, Henry Townshend, and Travis Grady. The gameplay comprises exploration, puzzle solving and combat and the player needs to guide Harry Mason while he is searching for Cheryl in Silent Hill town.

Werewolves Within

It’s a fast-paced game having hidden roles. In the game, a player may be a villager trying hard to save the town from werewolves, or he can be a werewolf. It is a horror-comedy including characters like werewolves, villagers, a moderator, a seer, and a doctor.