A look back at the losses of The Walking Dead season 5! #TWDFinale

With the season 5 finale of The Walking Dead looming around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to give a remembrance of those that have already fallen in this brutal season. With the vast rumors that tonight’s episode is going to be a BLOODBATH, fans should start to prepare themselves for the amount of FEELZ that they will have to endure after the season 5 finale.

Do not read if you have not watched The Walking Dead season 5 (SPOILERS)

We start off with poor Bob, not only did Bob have to get bitten by a walker, he had a group of cannibals chop off and BBQ the guys leg. The man who was always the survivor of past groups can finally go off in peace knowing he was not the last one to watch the horrors once again. Also Bob was content that he had one last love in the world of The Walking Dead.

The pain that was felt when Beth met her demise from the shot heard around The Walking Dead world! It still pains me to think of her beautiful voice as she sang her colorful melodies and her heartfelt songs. Beth’s death was one that was deeply felt by fans to the point of denille and wanting to raise a petition to bring her back from death. Come on folks, everyone is going to die at some point!

No more ‘HAMMER TIME!’ With Tyreese getting bit by Noah’s little zombie brother and giving us one of the coolest and weirdest deaths of the shows history. The fever induced hallucinations in the death of Tyreese episode was filled with past cast members cameos of fallen friends and even some foes. Tyreese death was very unexpected and confusing to many in that episode but if you watch it again now……it is one of the best episodes of the season. Truly breathtaking and insightful to the meaning of the whole season itself, dealing with death and survival.

Everybody Ate Noah! Is the joke we all give the character who was played by the actor that used to be in the Chris Rock sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris”. Noah the trade-off prisoner from the hospital where Beth died, gets his sendoff. What a sendoff it was!! In quite possibly the most gruesome death in Walking Dead TV history, Noah met his demise in the ‘revolving doors of death’!! Glenn who has to watch the entire thing in close up HD vision came away a bit disturbed from it all……as well did all the viewers at home!!


Enjoy The Walking Dead season 5 finale!!

NOTE: Daryl Dixon zombie pic was found on the internet NOT official.