A Look at Xbox Scorpio (As Much As We Can, That Is)

Xbox Scorpio just has a nice ring to it. This system is supposed to be massive and not just for the gaming world. As the rumors have started, in someways it being massive may not always be a good thing.

Microsoft has been struggling with the Xbox One since day one. As someone who got one on the day it launched, I hate to hear that. Then again, I’ve been a Xbox guy for around fifteen years. However, I don’t use my Xbox One as most do and I haven’t bought a game for myself in about sixteen months. So just based on me, I should agree that the device is struggling. I would prefer if they would work out whatever kinks they think would make it better instead of rushing a new system out. It doesn’t seem the console is going to have the life that the Xbox 360 had.

The problem right now is the gaming world has so many questions and not enough answers. Will it continue to be called Scorpio? I don’t think so myself. What will the launch games be? What will the final look be like? When will it be released?  However the most important one of all is pricing. This is going to scare some people away.  I said this console was going to be massive and the price is no different. Experts believe that the price will be around $700, if Microsoft wants to make any profit. However, we have heard anything from $399-$799. The good news, we will get all of our answers very soon. Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference starts a day earlier this year. The show will take place on Sunday, June 11th at 2pm PDT/5pm EDT. You can expect the gang here at PopCultHQ to bring you all the news then.

Here’s a look at 5 Big Improvements Xbox Scorpio Brings To The Table courtesy of GamingBolt