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Yes, I did say knitted, it wasn’t a typo but I suppose I could have said a Fully fitted Knitted Captain America Cosplay?The beauty of cosplay is that almost anything goes and after a few years of doing standard cosplay, you want to do something different. For many, different means stepping from comics into anime, crossplay (aka Rule 63) or mash-ups, others take it a little more extreme.

has been doing cosplay for three years and in that time has done several different characters, about a year ago she took up knitting. Somewhere along the line she decided to combine the two and knit herself a complete Captain America costume, complete with shield bag and a helmet (that you don’t see in most of the pictures).

She even put up a step-by step photo gallery for those interested in trying it themselves.

Photos by
Corpus Photography
David Alvarez Photography
Thymehadder Photography

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