What Casino Games Do Celebrities Enjoy?

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Celebrities are people, too, and many of them indulge in casino games. Click here to learn who they are and what they enjoy playing.

Celebrities have many hobbies, which aren’t necessarily related to their careers. Casino games (such as those available at onlinecasinocrawler.com) are one of these hobbies, so let’s find out which stars enjoy gambling and their favorite games.

The Connection Between Films & Gambling

For numerous reasons, famous movies and gambling games often benefit each other. One reason is that celebrities sometimes gamble. However, an equally omnipresent reason is that games of chance are often featured as primary or secondary topics in movies and television shows.

Casinos also have themes for their slot machines based on TV or movies. These games of chance feature reels featuring characters from the show who try to be as authentic as possible. For example, a slot game may go into creation following a rise in the popularity of a television or film series.

Gambling will continue to fascinate people and make it an exciting topic for artistic endeavors. Consequently, the connection between casino games and movies is natural because some celebrities often find themselves in casinos.

Casino Titles Celebrities Love To Play

The list includes the following famous games (both online and in brick-and-mortar venues):

  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Blackjack


Celebrity gamblers love poker, which is popular with experienced A-listers and casual gamblers.

For example, American Pie star Shannon Elizabeth is a celebrity who has become a professional poker player. She is often seen at the World Series of Poker Championships and Celebrity Poker Showdown TV programs.

When it comes to casino games, the poker bug does not only bite movie stars. Professional athletes such as Michael Phelps, a top Olympic swimmer, and Allen Iverson, a famous NBA player, were avid poker players and often played the game.


Although baccarat isn’t as well-known as blackjack or poker, there are still people who loved the classic baccarat game until it had a lasting impact on their lives.

Gladys Knight, a famous soul singer, was so fond of baccarat that she often spent thousands of dollars on it. One session could cost her up to $40,000. Although her habit began small because she didn’t have much money, it grew as she earned more.

Ian Fleming is another famous baccarat person. He was the author of the James Bond novels. His passion for baccarat was reflected in his books, as he often had 007 play the game at one of his casino adventures. Although his tastes changed with the film versions, the original James Bond casino scene is still a testament to his affection for the game.


Roulette’s appeal remains potent among casino regulars when looking into famous casino games. Famous people can often be seen joining a crowd at a table to try and find their lucky number. The roulette table is not only a favorite of Tiger Woods but also attracts famous musicians such as Harry Styles and DJ Tiesto.

Harry Styles’ love for Roulette has always attracted media attention. He and his former One Direction band mates were taken from a casino hall once during their tour because they were under 21.


Allen Iverson was forced to file for bankruptcy and get divorced after losing most of his fortune to gambling addiction. The dice table also attracted the attention of former NBA legend Michael Jordan.

“His Airness” was a big fan of Dice and would often go with his NBA teammates to private gambling rooms, where he would slam-dunk the dice into oblivion. There may be a special connection between dice and basketball, as the only stories about love for casino games like dice exist among basketball players.


Despite their different preferences, blackjack is among the most loved game among celebrities. It was trendy among many Hollywood stars, musicians, and professional athletes. Some even won considerable sums, like Ben Affleck, a self-proclaimed blackjack fanatic.

Blackjack won the love of Sean “PDiddy” Combs, a famous rapper and entrepreneur. He often requested a blackjack table and was frequently invited by large casinos to open new blackjack games. Blackjack is equally enjoyed by Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley of the NBA, and Jennifer Tilly, a poker professional and former actress.

Top Casinos Among Celebrities Who Enjoy Casino Games

Just as celebrities prefer some casino titles over others, they also tend to frequent some virtual and physical casinos more than others. Below you’ll see several of the most famous venues enjoyed by famous people who like to gamble:

  • Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
  • Crown Casino
  • The MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
  • The Wynn
  • The Caesar’s Palace
  • The Star Casino (particularly popular with celebs who enjoy casino games)

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Las Vegas is undisputedly the world’s gambling capital, and countless celebrities have fallen in love with the Hard Rock Casino in the heart of this gambling Mecca. It hosts the most prestigious poker and blackjack tournaments and attracts celebrities and the wealthy.

You might see a celebrity betting large amounts at a blackjack or poker table. However, Ben Affleck is not likely to be one of them. After his outstanding blackjack skills were discovered by casino staff, the famous actor was banned from the casino. An avid blackjack pro who had won $2 million on two trips to Las Vegas, Affleck kept smiling in spite of the ban.

Crown Casino

When looking at gambling venues catering to celebrities who like casino games, Crown Casino Australia offers numerous places. Crown Casino Melbourne, Australia’s largest casino, is among the top gambling establishments worldwide. This famous venue has provided an outstanding gambling experience for Australians and international tourists since its inception.

Celine Dion, Tiger Woods, Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, Katy Perry, and cricketer Shane Warne all visited the facilities in the past. It is a popular venue that attracts wealthy people from all over the globe.

The MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

Celebrities who want to live the Las Vegas lifestyle in person also love the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. This casino has an excellent reputation for offering a stellar experience with various slot machines and card games. Celebrities can unwind in a relaxed environment without being interrupted.

Customers can also place bets on different sports, such as boxing and football. Countless tourists come to the casino for unique experiences, and its architectural features are another draw. The casino has been visited by Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Ben Affleck.

The Wynn

When looking at celebrities who enjoy casino games, Wynn is a Los Angeles casino that hosts many of the most well-known actors and musicians. The venue is close to Beverly Hills and is a popular spot for celebrities who love to gamble. Simultaneously, Beverly Hills is home to some of the most luxurious celebrity homes.

Like the Hard Rock Casino, Wynn is also very strict with its customers’ discipline. After allegedly being uncontrollably drunk, Lil Wayne was recently added to the list of people who are banned from this gambling venue.

Caesar’s Palace

Caesars Palace is globally famous for hosting celebrities. Countless games are available at the venue, including a jaw-dropping selection of roulette and slots. However, the casino’s popularity extends far beyond its games. It rents out rooms and permits patrons to host performances, increasing the chances of famous people visiting the casino.

In the past, Jennifer Lopez, Mark Anthony, Khloe, and Kim Kardashian were all spotted here. Even Barack Obama visited the casino before becoming president to enjoy its top-notch services. Caesars Palace is an excellent place to play and meet influential and famous people.

The Star Casino

Another internationally renowned gambling venue is the Star Casino in Sydney, Australia. It is located in Pyrmont and overlooks Darling Harbor. The casino’s prime location, large size, and lavish amenities make it attractive. The facilities include various bars and discos for visitors to enjoy and high-end shops.

Star Casino has welcomed celebrities like Ben Cousins and Nicole Kidman. Crown Casino in Perth and Treasury Casino & Hotel are two other well-known Australian casinos that cater to celebrities that enjoy casino games.

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