[Cosplay] Clawsplay! Rolecosplay.com Brings You Cat Costumes

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RoleCosplay.com typically has some fantastic cosplay, but this week we will be bringing you something different. This week they have in some costuming for your cat and it is so adorable that we couldn’t resist.

Genshin Impact Tartaglia Cat Cosplay Costume

This adorable one-piece cat costume only costs $49.99

Genshin Impact Guoba Hat Cat Cosplay Costume

This cute hat is the perfect finish for Guoba from Genshin Impact, or just a just a cute accessory. And it only costs $16.25

Genshin Impact Xiangling Cat Cosplay Costume

For only $37.08 you can have your cat dresses as Xiangling with bow and everything

Visit Rolecosplay.com for some fantastic costumes.

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