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Calling all artists!

A new year brings new savings—our LOWEST Paint Prices of the Season are here!

Customers will find great savings on featured paints throughout the month!

Plus, now is a great time to stock up on drawing and painting essentials for the classroom or studio. Artists will find great prices on a wide variety of supplies for every project at Blick.

Createx Acrylic Paints and Sets

Createx has improved upon its original acrylic line formerly sold as Createx Poster and Fabric Colors. Createx Medium Body Acrylics are non-toxic, waterbased acrylic paints. They are ideally suited for brushwork, fabric painting, and screen printing. The consistency of Createx Acrylics is thinner than that of the Multi-Surface Acrylics but thicker than Pure Pigments. Medium Body Acrylics are suitable for nearly all art surfaces and techniques. Colors are permanent when heat set. They are washfast and will not flake, crack, or rub off.

Blick Matte Acrylic Paints and Sets

Blick’s opaque, matte-surface acrylics are water-based, quick-drying, and permanent, yet non-toxic and safe for everyday use. Formulated with the highest-quality pigments in an exceptional range of colors, they’re extremely affordable. They pour readily and consistently, apply smoothly, cover well, and can be applied to almost any surface — including paper, wood, fabric, ceramic, glass, metal, and some plastics.

Golden Fluid Acrylic Paint and Sets

Golden Fluid Acrylic Paints are highly intense, permanent colors with a consistency similar to heavy cream. Produced from lightfast pigments, not dyes, they offer very strong colors with very thin consistencies, and contain no fillers or extenders. Golden Fluid Acrylics are ideal for spraying, brushing, staining, and pouring techniques.

Created for artists who want a low-viscosity, pigment-saturated paint, these paints contain high pigment levels suspended in an acrylic polymer vehicle. Unlike mixtures of heavy-bodied paints and water, they offer fine dispersion, high tinting strength, durability, flexibility, and good adhesion.

These paints retain excellent flexibility when dry, greatly diminishing the likelihood of cracking that occurs in other natural and synthetic polymer systems. They can also absorb the constant stress and strain placed on canvas when shipped or as it expands and contracts with changes in temperature and humidity is an affiliate and does receive a small compensation for all purchase made through our links. Please support us.