What To Expect from ‘The Witcher’ Season 2

The witcher
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When it was first announced a couple of years ago that Netflix would be developing their own series of the popular game and book franchise, The Witcher, fans were understandably very excited as it holds a special part in the hearts of many fans – since the release of the first season a year ago it has become something of a phenomenon with book sales increasing, players revisiting the game series, and other platforms in different genres displaying the Witcher likeness as players can find some here of the biggest out there – but with the second season just around the corner, what can fans expect to see?

Witcher season 2
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Netflix had such faith in the first season that a second was confirmed to move into production before the first episode had even aired – given the second season will be a continued progression of the story and perhaps into a story point that’s more familiar with recent fans, there may be a hope that the same will continue with a third season being picked up. If the initial trailer is anything to go by, then the second series will look to follow the source material quite well and although there will undoubtably be some creative liberties taken, after all it’s fitting years’ worth of content into a number of episodes, the second season will hinge on some important aspects.

The main cast from Season One for Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri will of course all be returning as well as some of the supporting cast from the first season too, but some other big names have also been brought on to support this cast too – Graham McTavish from Outlander will be joining the cast as Dijkstra, Kristofer Hivju from Game of Thrones fame will also be joining the cast, and Kim Bodnia as Vesemir, from Killing Eve amongst many other big names too.

For the most part, the main plot will be Geralt returning home with Ciri and becoming a pseudo-father to her, and the training clips shown in the trailer certainly lend itself to some very exciting episodes too – Netflix even went as far as to develop an animated show to look into one of the new characters backstories too, Night of the Wolf takes a deep delve into the backstory of Vesemir and may certainly be worth a watch to find out about Geralt’s own father figure in the Witcher series.

The show releases on December 17th and similar to the first will feature eight episodes, each likely being around an hour long – and of course the immediate hope for many fans that a third season will be announced in due course to continue the exciting story with a very invested and passionate cast.