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[Convention] Comic Con Revolution Ontario Opens Registration for Cosplay Revolution Costume Contest

by Jason Bennett
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The Revolution returns to the IE! Comic Con Revolution Ontario is back this December 18th & 19th and PopCultHQ is thrilled to be attending and covering this year’s event! Be sure to keep an eye out for more pre-show coverage leading up to the convention.


Some big news just dropped from the folks at #CCROnt21 – registration is NOW OPEN for the 2021 Cosplay Revolution Costume Contest! Hosted by Comic Book Men’s Ming Chen, the Inland Empire’s biggest cosplay & costume contest returns on Saturday, December 18th at 7:00pm. Winners will receive medals with the grand prize winner taking home $500! Say what?! This is the contest you don’t want to miss!

For those interested in taking part of this year’s contest, below you will find the Rules & Regulations of the Cosplay Competition.


Cosplay Revolution Costume Contest

Hosted by Comic Book Men’s Ming Chen

Saturday 12/18 7:00pm

Rules & Regulations

Saturday Dec 18: Contestants must arrive and check in no later than 3:00pm at the Kids Can Cosplay table (COS4) in Cosplay Corner. When contestants check in, please double check any names to be announced on stage, costumes being worn and category for judging. Contestants will be given a number designating their place in the lineup. We will have a list of pre-registered contestants onsite. Due to space restrictions, there will not be a contestant dressing area.

The Cosplay Revolution Costume Contest will take place in room 104B at 7pm. Contestants are required to arrive at 103 in full costume no later than 6:00pm for Mandatory Orientation and Prejudging. If a contestant’s name is called and they are not present for Prejudging they will be cut from the competition. There will be no exceptions.

We will have limited edition, exclusive, Comic Con Revolution Medals as awards for the following categories: Best in Show, Best Master, Best Novice, Best Recreation, Best Original Design, Best Group, Best Young Fan, Judges Choice.

The following rules apply to ALL entrants, be they Individual or Group Entries. Entry into the event is at the discretion of the event staff, and we reserve the right to reject ANY entrant who does not adhere to these rules!

* Contestants MUST purchase and be in possession of a valid Comic Con Revolution attendee badge. Contestants in possession of Guest or Exhibitor badges will be immediately disqualified.
* Any costume that has won or placed in a major competition must disclose this information on their registration form. If we discover you withheld any awards you will not be allowed to compete in future events.
* A minimum of 50% of your costume must have been constructed or altered by you. If you are modeling a costume that is purchased or commissioned, you must declare this when you sign up and the creator MUST be present for Prejudging to be eligible for an award.
* Costume entries will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. Duplicate entries will be alerted and added to the waitlist. Duplicate entries are permitted to resubmit a new costume for advance consideration or check in on the day of the competition to see if a space has opened up. Duplicate entries are rare and we deter them to prevent unnecessary comparison backstage and a repetitive show for our audience.
* A photo of your costume must be submitted with your entry to be accepted.
* Contestants MUST check in by 3:00pm on the day of the contest or they will be cut.
* Contestants MUST be present for Orientation and Prejudging at 6:00pm. If you are absent when your name is called you will be removed. There will be no exceptions.
* Skill divisions are strictly enforced. If the judges deem your skill level above the division you submitted under you will be automatically moved up to the next division.
* Be respectful. Unruly, disruptive or disrespectful behavior during Prejudging, backstage or during the contest towards fellow competitors, staff or judges will not be tolerated. Contestants displaying this type of behavior will be asked to leave and may have their badges confiscated.
* Professional costumers (anyone who makes a majority of their living making costumes) are permitted to enter in the MASTER category ONLY.
* Oversize costumes must notify staff of any requirements at check-in. The convention assure a staff member to assist you across the stage so please make sure you have a handler with you if you require assistance entering or exiting.
* Microphones and custom audio will not be available to contestants. Miming is encouraged, but we cannot accommodate full skits. Contestants will be limited to 60 seconds on stage maximum.
* Staff and judges reserve the right to refuse, disqualify or re-categorize any entry at their discretion.
* By registering, you agree to have your image used for promotional purposes. This includes any photos or videos taken of you by convention press for the duration of the competition.

Limited edition, exclusive, Comic Con Revolution Medals will be awarded for the following categories:
* Best in Show: This award will be presented to the entry the judges feel was the best overall presentation in all Judging Criteria regardless of skill level or category.
* Best Master: Presented to the highest scoring entry in the Master skill division.
* Best Novice: Presented to the highest scoring entry in the Novice skill division.
* Best Recreation: Presented to the entry that the judges feel most accurately recreated their source material. Reference photos are required to be considered for this award.
* Best Original Design: Presented to the highest scoring entry submitted as an original design based on creativity and overall presentation.
* Best Group: Presented to the highest scoring Group entry. Up to 4 medals will be presented on stage to Group members. Any additional members may discuss acquiring extra medals with staff after the show. Best Group may be split into Master and Novice skill categories at the judges’ discretion.
* Best Young Fan: Presented to the highest scoring entry under the age of 16.
* Judges Choice: Presented to the entry that inspired the Judges and Audience and deserves recognition regardless of skill level.

Judges will be scoring for the following categories:
* Quality: Judges will be looking at the overall appearance of your costume. This includes but is not limited to: stitching, materials used, fit, props, wig styling and makeup. Does your costume fit well? Are your hems finished? Did you opt for a lush material for your Princess gown rather than something cheap? Is your prop falling apart? These are just a few of the questions the judges will ask themselves as they inspect your costume. Be sure to point out any fine details in your costume when speaking to the judges.
* Accuracy: This category applies specifically to competitors in the Recreation category. Judges will be looking at your costume next to your source material to determine how faithful your costume, wig, makeup and props are to the character. Reference images are required to determine accuracy and must be provided at check-in or shown during Prejudging on a phone or other photo device.
* Creativity: This category applies specifically to Original Design entries but will be taken into consideration on all entries. Judges are looking for special details that make your costume and presentation unique. For Original Design entries judges want to know how you came up with your character and design. Is your costume an original take on a familiar character? Be sure to show the judges the character that inspired your costume and tell them about your creative process. If you have a unique construction technique or unconventional material in your costume be sure to point these out to the judges.
* Presentation: Judges will be watching closely while you take the stage so be sure to work it. Do your best to bring your character to life on stage and get the audience cheering. The stage is your time to shine and the judges want to see you having fun.
* Effort: Judges will take into consideration how hard you worked to create your costume. Did you style your wig or just put it on straight out of the bag? Did you make your prop or buy it? Did you put extra care into your makeup or prosthetics? Are your seams fraying? If your costume is altered from found items, how did you do those alterations?

* Group entries are a minimum of 2 people.
* Groups must register the names of all individual participants and costumes and may provide a Group Title for the MC i.e. Justice League: Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman: Tom, Jim and Wendy.
* Only one member of a Group is required to act as the main contact. This person may submit the group’s entry form and speak for the Group at check-in. All members must be present for Prejudging.
* Participants may not enter as an Individual and a Group. If you go on stage as part of a group you will be judged as a group.
* Participants may not compete in multiple groups.
* Groups will compete at the skill level of the highest placing member. I.e. if one member of your group is a Master, but the rest are Novice you MUST compete in the Master category.

Store-bought costumes are NOT PERMITTED! Your costume must be at least 50% made or modified by you. While we do allow for a few minor pre-made, pre-purchased items (shoes, jewelry, props), we are looking for craftsmanship and creativity. If anyone assisted you in the construction of your costume, please let the judges know.
Repair kits will not be available. You are responsible for your own costume and its integrity.
For Young Fan contestants, costumes must be at least 30% made or modified by the contestant, or made by their guardian or another adult in your group from scratch.

There will be children present and your costumes and presentation should be suitable for ALL ages.
* No costume is no costume. Public nudity is not allowed in any capacity.
* Contestants must wear supportive undergarments underneath skin-tight costumes. This includes bras, panties and athletic cups. Costumes deemed inappropriate for a family-friendly event by judges or staff will not be allowed to participate.
* Any competitor displaying sexual, racist, derogatory or other offensive behavior will be immediately removed from the competition and their badges revoked.

We welcome children of all ages to participate in the contest. Contestants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a legal guardian at all times.

On the day of the event, contestants must arrive no later than 3:00pm to check in.
There will be MANDATORY Orientation and Prejudging at 6:00pm.
Contestants will receive an email detailing check in and Orientation locations once their application is approved.
Waitlist entries must be present at Orientation if they wish to be put in the show. Waitlist entries will only be added if space is available and staff understands if you choose not to wait. You may also visit the check in table at any time to see if space has opened up.
Due to space restrictions, there will not be a contestant dressing area. We will also not provide any repair kits. You are responsible for the integrity of your own costume.

* Reference images must be provided to be considered for Best Recreation. These materials may be submitted at check-in or shown to the judges at Prejudging on a phone or other photo device.
* Original Designs are welcome and encouraged. It is helpful for the judges if you can provide any reference images of your inspiration. These may also be submitted at check-in or shown at Prejudging.

* There is absolutely no fire, liquids, toxic substances, or anything that may cause danger for you or others allowed on stage. That includes all stage weapons, swords, guns, bows, etc.
* You may not throw anything into the audience.
* If your costume requires a prop weapon, please make sure it is tagged during weapons check prior to entering the convention floor. The judges understand that this is not a negative reflection on your costume, but merely a security necessity. We appreciate you taking the audiences’ peace of mind into consideration by following these guidelines.
* Entering or exiting the stage by any method that is not approved by staff is strictly prohibited.




Ontario Convention Center
2000 E Convention Center Way
Ontario, CA 91764

The Ontario Convention Center is a breathtaking venue, frequently used by filmmakers as an onsite location for movies and commercials. Contemporary in design and equipped with the latest in technology, it boasts more than 225,000 square feet of flexible exhibit, meeting and function space and is ideal for conventions, trade shows, exhibits and meetings. The Convention Center provides a full range of technology services, including Wi-Fi, Internet, DS3 and video-conferencing capabilities.

For more information, as well as tickets,
visit Comic Con Revolution online!

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Comic Con Revolution was founded on very simple principles.  We are excited to celebrate comics and the creative arts.  At the absolute core of what we do are the creators themselves.  The people who create the comics, games, toys, film, movies and more that we all love.  Without their tireless dedication to creating the fantastic worlds we all get lost in, events like Comic Con Revolution would not be possible.  We strive to create the best possible experience for attendees, exhibitors and guests alike.  Our team of event industry veterans are dedicated to working hard to create that experience for each of you.

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Atomic Crush Events is an event consultation and management company that was founded on experience and innovation.  Bringing together expertise in event management, marketing, sales and business development to create a unique team that can analyze and identify the best course of action when developing a live event.  Our philosophy is simple – create the best experience possible for attendees, exhibitors and guests alike.

*** info courtesy of Comic Con Revolution

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