[Gaming] Reptile’s Weird D&D Home Brews – 14th Edition

Reptilers Werid Home brew s
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Reptile has been busy, or it just could be my short attention span, but here I am with the 14th edition of Reptile’s Weird Home Brews. This time with a tip of the cap to a fellow player who’s Barbarian has saved the party more than once and a little something to warm the hearts of your players.

So without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff.

Helga’s Sword of Wrath

 Great Sword (Very Rare Item) +2 Magical weapon

This sword in the hands of a fighter class is a powerful weapon feeding on the rage and desire of the wielder. In the hands of a Barbarian in the heat of rage, the sword becomes even more powerful, dealing double damage on a successful attack.  Whereas a fighter class will get a +2 to hit and  +2 to damage on a successful attack and double damage on a critical strike. The Barbarian will get a +2 to hit and double damage on a successful strike with the added bonus of triple damage on a critical strike, if in the heat of Rage, otherwise the sword will default to the fighter class mode.

 If a non-fighter class uses the sword in battle, they will immediately fall into a fierce, uncontrolled fit of rage swinging the sword wildly at anyone who is close to them, be it friend or foe, without added bonuses from the sword. They will continue like this for 1D10 melee rounds then pass out (no savings throw allowed). The sword will then fall from their hands. While this is the effect if a non-fighter type tries to use the sword in battle, there is no ill effect for a non-fighter type to simply carry the sword around.

Cape of Embers

Cape (Very Rare Item)

This cape seems to be in constant, majestic flowing motion. Waving as if in a light breeze fliting around the wearer. The cape flickers with small random, ever-changing patches of glowing orange embers. The wearer is granted invulnerability to fire-type attacks and the ability to manipulate all types of fire. The downside of the cape is the wearer has to consume twice as much water per day due to the cape’s dehydrating nature. Cold-based attacks do only half damage, as the glowing embers in the cape quickly warms the wearer.

The cape has 100 HP and every time the wearer is attacked, there is a 25% chance the cape will take 50% of the received damage intended to the wearer. If the cape reaches 0 HP, it loses its glow and it falls to rags at the wearer’s feet, forever destroyed. The cape can heal itself at a rate of 1D6 HP per long rest if damaged and not destroyed.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s installment of Reptile’s Weird Home Brews and you share it with your players. As always I’d love to hear from you so please send any thoughts, comments, or requests to Reptile@PopcultHQ.com

Until next edition, Game on my friends!