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Cruella Halloween Costumes at RoleCosplay

by April Carvelli
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Cruella de Vil Movie Cosplay Costume Feature
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As a movie, Cruella was mediocre at best, but the array of costumes was inspirational. It’s the costuming that made the show memorable (was there even a real storyline?). I think we will find several Cruella cosplays on the conventions floor and Cruella Halloween costumes knocking on our doors.

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If you are looking for a Cruella outfit at a decent price, then check out RoleCosplay.com

Cost: $73.50
Includes: Top, gloves, skirt

Cost: $99.99
Includes: Top, gloves, Pants

Cost: $149.26
Includes: Dress

And no Cruella costume or cosplay would be complete without the hair. They have two styles of wig to choose from.

Cost: $12.56

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