[Gaming] Reptile’s Weird D&D Home Brews – 13th Edition

Reptilers Werid Home brew s
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Here we are at lucky 13th edition of the weirdness. This week we have sticky fingers and a magical pallet.

Kender Gloves of Sticky Fingers

 Gloves (Very Rare item)

These thin leather gloves are trimmed with black Kender feathers and allow the wear to maintain full feeling of touch while wearing them.

Anyone wearing them is aided in the art of slight of hand gaining a +3 on all slight of hand rolls and +4 on pick pocketing. There is a side effect though for wearing them, The wearer will be prone to “Eye of the Magpie”, an affliction that causes the wearer to be attracted to anything shiny or interesting. So much so there is a 50% chance the wearer will be compelled to steal the coveted item.

Additionally after wearing the gloves for a week the wearer won’t remember stealing 50% of the things they stole by means of the compulsion. They will simply find the items among their other possessions and wonder how they got there.

When the compulsion strikes the wearer no one is safe. They will steal from friends and strangers alike once an item has caught their interest; telling themselves they will return it later or they weren’t using it anyway.

Varis’s Magical Treats

 Sweet Snack Food (Very Rare item) Random effects

Varis's Magical Treats

 These sweet treats are tasty and pack a random effect punch.

Varis a ranger who’s part time obsession is baked goods. One day he decided to make a batch of Pumpkin Crunch Treats, but using seeds taken from a magical pumpkin monster mixed with Good Berries and magical Elvin honey might not have been the smartest idea. The treats ended up causing random magical effects to those who ate them. This caused a number of good and bad experiences for his adventuring party and a few tales to tell around the gaming table.  (See the chart below for effects)

Roll 1D20 for effect and 1D4 for how many days the effect lasts.

  1. Become a Chicken
  2. Look like a Zombie but aren’t a Zombie
  3. Float 10” above the ground, includes water.
  4. Anyone looking upon you will think you to be a God
  5. Laughs anytime someone speaks to you directly
  6. Strength increases by 4 but Dexterity decreases by 4
  7. Become a hungry Wolf
  8. Become a Teenager
  9. Grow a Draconic arrowhead tail
  10. Right hand turns red and bursts into flames. You are unharmed but your hand is on fire.
  11. Grow Black Dragon wings and become aroused
  12. Plants grow rapidly at your touch. (1D6 times their size per touch)
  13. Become a snake
  14. Become weaker (Loss of 4 points of Strength)
  15. Snow falls around you but does not accumulate
  16. The temperature in a 10′ radius around you goes up 20 degrees F.
  17. Your hair becomes elastic and prehensile (Think Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic 4) 
  18. Everyone within 20 feet of you can read your thoughts with out effort.
  19. Plants wither at your touch
  20. You become numb all over. Can’t feel a thing.

This has been yet another edition of weird for 5E Dungeons and Dragons.

A quick Thank You to Jason “Jworm” Kretche   Dungeon Master extraordinaire for helping create Varis’s Magical Treats. A crazy and fun addition to our weekly game. 

I look forward to hearing any comments or ideas you have, you can reach me at Reptile@Popculthq.com

 Until the next edition, Game on my friends.