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Valorant – Best Tips and Tricks To Keep In Mind While Playing

by Stentor
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Want to master the Valorant game world? If yes, look no further! This article will help you learn the best tips and tricks to keep in mind while playing. 

Only within a month of its launch, Valorant has gathered a massive fanbase. The reason is quite obvious; the game is quite interesting to play and entertaining to watch. Moreover, Valorant players are super energized and desperate to level up in the game in the shortest time possible. 

Are you also one of those Valorant players? If yes, this article is the right place for you to learn some interesting tips and tricks while playing the game. You can also take the help of valorant hacks if you want to level up in the shortest duration possible. 

For now, let’s talk about the best tips and tricks to keep in mind while playing Valorant and how it can help you win the game. 

Valorant tips and tricks 

Learn each agent’s activities 

If you want to be placed higher than silver, you have to learn what each agent does and their activities. The best way to know about them is by playing with different agents. The more you play with them, the better you will understand how different agents work. 

The motive here is to learn about their abilities through their activities. It will help you counter them in the future. 

Place your crosshair in the head level 

Most players mistake placing the crosshair to the sky or to the ground. When an enemy attacks, they struggle with moving the crosshair to the preferred position. 

Ensure that the crosshair is placed at the head level of the enemy. The enemies always try to spawn at the head height in front of you. When you have the crosshair placed at their head level, you will be able to take the shot without any hesitation. 

But remember that this technique works only when you and the enemy are at the same height. It won’t work if both of you are in an elevated position. 

Move sideways while playing 

Most players make the mistake of moving back and forth during the game. Try not doing this while playing, as it makes you an easy target for the enemies. Enemies can easily target you when you move forward. Once they start shooting, no matter how much you go back and forth, you will eventually get shot. 

Therefore, move sideways if you want to save yourself from the enemy’s bullets. Press the A and D keys to move sideways and avoid using the W and S keys as much as you can. 

Pay attention to minimaps 

Minimap is the focal point in the game. It will feed you with valuable information from time to time. You can know stuff like teammates’ position, your position, enemy’s location, and deployed spells from the minimap. 

Observe the minimap at all times and react according to the information you get. Once you master this art, you will be ready for better adventures. 

Try to be consistent with the character 

Different characters in Valorant come with different abilities. First, experiment with all the characters and learn about their abilities and which one suits you the most. 

Once you find the character suiting you the most, learn about it more and try to use it for all your games. Staying consistent with one character will help you master its powers and abilities. If you switch constantly, you won’t be able to master any one of them properly. 

Utilize training grounds 

If you want to get better at your aiming skills, utilize training grounds to the maximum. In the practice section, you can select from various modes where enemies will be spawned automatically. Try to shoot the enemies with your preferred weapon and test your shooting skills.

In the settings, you can adjust the enemy’s speed and the weapon’s sensitivity. Try using different weapons and see how they perform at different distances. The training ground will help you improve your aiming skills as well as learn about different weapons, so make the best use of it. 

Study the maps

Valorant comes with five different maps, which are- Haven, Bind, Split, Ascent, and Icebox. All these maps are very different from each other and are generated randomly. 

Studying the map will help you know all the routes and about strong and weak spots. Knowing the map will help you strategize a better game plan and excel Valorant. 

Concluding words

With this, we conclude the article on best tips and tricks about Valorant. These tips will help you survive and excel in the game in no time. Make sure to give it a detailed read before diving into the Valorant adventure. For more such updates, stay tuned!

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