[Gaming] Reptile’s Weird D&D Home Brews – 12th Edition

Reptilers Werid Home brew s
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Well, we have made it to the 12th Edition of this Weirdness. Ready for a little more?

Sticking with last edition’s theme, here are a couple of items poking a little fun at two more of my co-players with a couple of fun items.

Please use these items with the humor intended in their creation. It will also show you that a little imagination in a weird mind can be dangerous.

Imeni’s Picture Book of Puzzles

Puzzle Book (very rare item): wondrous item causes enthralled.

This book appears as a toddler’s board book. (Those thick paged books meant for toddlers who would be apt to put things in their mouth. Not that Imeni wouldn’t try doing that as well.) The book’s pages are made of thin wood about an 1/8” thick measuring 6” by 6”.  The pages contain pictograms that appear to have been drawn by a 6-year-old child. But, if that is not strange enough, the book is magic and anyone gazing upon its pages are enthralled with the puzzle and can’t look away until they solve the puzzle they are looking at. To solve the puzzle, the onlooker is required to make a savings throw versus intelligence at disadvantage, due to the whole oddness of the puzzles that lie within. Just figuring out what is scrawled on the page is the first challenge. Then there is the issue of trying to figure how putting them together adds up to anything.

The book contains 12 puzzles and once an onlooker solves a puzzle, the same puzzle will not work on them again but others in the book may. The onlooker, once laying eyes upon a puzzle, can’t take their eyes off of it unless they make their savings throw, which is not allowed to be done until their initiative turn.

Chance’s Bag of Oblivion

Adventuring Gear (one of a kind): Wondrous item cursed.

This bag appears to be a bag of holding but unlike a proper bag of holding, it was once in the hands of Chance the Hapless Bard. Chance’s luck isn’t the best and somehow while in his possession, the bag’s magic has taken a weird turn causing the item to be cursed.

When anything is placed into the bag, the magic takes hold of it and twists it into random corpse parts from random creatures. This effect will go unnoticed by the possessor of the bag until they try to retrieve the item they placed into the bag. (See random table below for retrieval results). The other strange twist of this cursed item is every 5th item placed in the bag has a 33% chance of causing the bag to implode, creating a tiny momentary black hole which sucks in anything weighing less than 50 lbs, that is not tied or fastened down in some manner. The tiny black hole only lasts 9 seconds and can only effect things within 5 feet.

Random Bag Results roll 2D8 on the table below.

Dice RollBody PartCreature
3LegDisplacer Beast

So ends another edition of Reptile’s Weird D&D Home Brews for 5E.

Remember to always practice safe gaming and beware of a bard with a bag of holding. You never know what might come out.

Until next time, Game On my friends.