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Spread the love offers good quality cosplay costuming at good prices and they have good delivery.

I owe a few apologies for assuming they were like the other companies out there, they are not. Save 30% OFF our Pre-Sale collection

When I had first heard their name and visited their shop, I had made the assumption that they were like several of the other cosplay costuming sources out there. Their prices and lead times were good, some of them almost too good, so I mentally lumped them in with the rest. I assumed they would be Halloween-type costumes of low quality, with long actual lead times or no delivery and that the sizes would be way off.

I was wrong!

They approached us for a partnership and after careful consideration, I hesitantly accepted. They even offered me a free cosplay to review, and I got to choose from anything on the site. After some back and forth, we reached an agreement and I settled on the Doctor Who David Tennant Suit. I selected it for my son, as I am behind the camera and keyboard so often I do not get many chances to cosplay. When I’m behind the camera, I like a lot of flexibility, which many cosplays are not designed for.

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You can check out the review here, but in general, we were VERY impressed. It was a good quality costume, it arrived quickly, and came exactly as ordered. I foolishly assumed that, like many overseas purchases, you needed to order a size larger. I did not. The sizing on this suit was accurate.

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