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[Gaming] Reptile’s Weird D&D Home Brews – 11th Edition

by Reptile
Reptiles Weird Home brew
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Here we are back at it again for the 11th week after a short break due to Dragon Con coverage. Yes Reptile wears many hats.

Without further delay this week I bring you a couple of items custom made and named after two of the characters I have been honored to play along side for the last year.

Bron’s Folding Forge

Forge (Very rare item)

Are you a forge cleric? Do you hate having to find a way to lug around your forge? Bag of holding getting full and you just need a little more room? Well this item is for you.

It’s a full sized sturdy forge with a built-in anvil. The forge is imbued with magic. It heats, cools, unfolds and folds upon the spoken command words. When not in use the forge folds into itself to the size of a common lunch box and due to it’s magic only weighs 4 lbs. Additional bonus of Bron’s Folding Forge is once a day it can magically provide enough raw material to forge a weapon of medium size.

Major Able’s Smoking Pipe

Halfling Pipe (Rare item)

Are you a Halfling; do you enjoy a nice relaxing pipe even if you are not a Halfling? This nicely curved handcrafted pipe is for you. Oh, do you occasionally find yourself in a jam and need a quick way out? Then you really want this wondrous pipe.

The pipe makes everything smoked taste like the finest tobaccos ever grown, but the enchantments don’t end there.

Once per long rest the pipe can produce a 20′ x20′ cube of smoke so thick that it equals the Fog Cloud Spell cast at 2nd level.

Once per long rest the pipe can produce a smoke portal that equals the Misty Step spell at 2x the distance of misty step.

Once per week the Smoke Portal can be used as a Teleport spell to carry the user and 8 others to a known destination.

Lastly the smoke from the pipe can be used to revive a fallen ally with the Breath of Life. Using this ability requires the user to take a long draw from the pipe then breath the smoke into the mouth of the fallen ally as long as the one being healed has not reached negative hit points to the point of true death. The smoke will revive the ally to consciousness plus 2D10 points of healing. This effect can also only be used once a week.

This has been another edition of Reptile’s Weird D&D Home Brew. 

I look forward to hearing from you with any comment or ideas you can reach me at Reptile@Popculthq.com

 Until the next edition, Game on my friends.

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