Review of’s David Tennant ‘Doctor Who’ Brown Suit Cosplay Costume

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A few weeks ago, I received a David Tennant Doctor Who Cosplay from for review, I had told them I would give an honest review of the costume. I was not going to pull any punches and would be totally honest on what we thought.

I was impressed.

We pulled it out of the package and it looked exactly like it was supposed to.

This cosplay is good quality. This Doctor Who suit is about on par with the quality of regular suit you would get at your local big box store, such as Walmart, around Easter. The quality is good enough that you could pass it off as a proper suit in a pinch.


The stitchwork is consistent and does not run off an edge or miss areas. The material is sturdy and cut evenly. Part of the reason we chose this suit is because the material has lines in it, if the material was cut crooked, it would be very easy to tell at a glance.

The pants are not lined, like a normal suit would have, but they have large functioning pockets in the front and back. The fly zipper is lower quality and fine-toothed, which means it may need to be replaced after frequent use, but it is placed quite well with no puckering at the groin. The belt loops are large enough for an average belt.

The jacket is lined and has well-placed, well-sewn in shoulder pads. There is one inner liner pocket, one breast pocket, and two lower waist high pockets that are all fully functional.


As this was ordered from overseas, I made the assumption that the sizing would be off as frequently happens, and ordered one size larger than what was required. I more than pleased to find that the sizing was accurate and the suit I requested was actually too large.

As I am usually behind the camera and not in front of it or wearing cosplay consistently, I chose an outfit for my son who regularly cosplays at conventions and charity events. He’s constantly growing so this gives us the chance to use the cosplay costume multiple times before he outgrows it and it should fit perfectly by the time Chicago Tardis comes around.


Overall, I quite like the suit. The boy says it is comfortable and he is delighted to have another Doctor Tennant suit as he had outgrown his previous one. This is a cosplay costume that will get a lot of use and I think it will wear quite well.

The only negative I have is that the color is a little off, it’s not as brown as the actual suit. However throughout the show different lighting showed it more grey while others showed more brown. offers good quality cosplay costuming as good prices and they have good delivery. They also have a lot of sales and discount codes, if you can not find a discount for what you want, then use the code POPCULTHQ to get 10% off.