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[Gaming] Reptile’s Weird D&D Home Brews – 10th Edition

by Reptile
Reptiles Weird Home brew
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Welcome to the 10th edition of Weird Home Brew.

It’s been 10 weeks already; how time flies when you are adventuring. I hope you have enjoyed and had some use for the last 9 editions in your home games because were about to throw a couple more things out there for you.

This week I bring you the other half of the thieves dagger pair and an NPC of note.

Coin Stealer

Dagger (Rare item) +2 weapon

This dagger seems of little note except for it’s sturdy looking nature. It is adorned with a simple coin shaped pommel, plain wooden grip and a simple brass cross bar. The blade is triangular in shape and fairly broad at it’s base. When detect magic is used on it, it gives off a faint blue aura.

The dagger is a +2 dagger when used as a weapon but grants a +4 bonus on stealth and slight of hand checks as long as the owner has but a hand the weapon. Making it the perfect dagger for thieves and cut purses.

Ella Noteworthy

NPC Tinker Gnome Bard (4th Level)

Str: 14 (+2)  Dex: 17 (+3)  Con: 13 (+1)  Int: 13 (+1)  Wis: 9 (-1)  Chr: 16 (+3)

Dark vision 60 feet, Speed 25,  Alignment C/N

Ella’s appearance is pale in completion for a Gnome to the point some may think her ill, but that is her skin tone and she is quite healthy.  She has an inquisitive personality and though she may be lacking in wisdom she is lucky, very lucky thus gaining a +2 on any luck rolls.

 She stands a confident 3′ 7” and weighs mere 36 lbs. Dressed in green and gold leather armor with a thick shiny gold chain draped around her neck and a long dagger +1 in a sheath tucked under her left arm.

Around her waist is a leather belt with small well polished metal boxes hanging from it, that seems to go all the way around the belt. (They are Music boxes. The source of her music for her spells) When she speaks she tends to use big words and flowery almost poetic like speech but at times she can be full of bluster.

She is charitable by nature, a romantic at heart but looking for redemption for misdeeds of her past. Her greatest weakness is heights. She has an intense fear of heights causing her to picture herself falling from them if having to face that situation. Being a Gnome she is gifted with Gnome Cunning which gives her an advantage on all savings throws verses Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma and Magic.


Acrobatics +3 
Animal Handling -1 
Arcana +1 
Athletics +2 
Deception +3 
History +1 
Insight -1 
Intimidation +3 
Investigation +1 
Medicine -1 
Nature +1 
Perception -1 
Performance +3
Persuasion +3 
Religion -1 
Sleight of Hand +3 
Stealth +3 
Survival -1

Equipment: Standard Adventuring Gear, Long Dagger +1, Wooden Flute, Soft Boots, 30 gold pieces, and her 7 gold music boxes she uses to perform her spells.

Music Box Spell Effects:

  1. 1st lvl Sleep
  2. 1st lvl Cure Wounds
  3. 1st lvl Charm Person
  4. 1st lvl Thunder Wave
  5. 2nd lvl Zone of Truth
  6. 2nd lvl See Invisible
  7. 2nd lvl Hold Person


  1. Mending
  2. Mage Hand
  3. Message

I hope you will enjoy this week’s installment of Reptile’s Weird Home Brew and add it to your game sessions. As always I love to hear from you so please send any thoughts, comments or requests to Reptile@PopcultHQ.com

Until next edition Game on and stay weird.

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