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The Best Online Slot Games Based on Comic Books

by Stentor
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The comic book industry is worth billions of dollars. Yet, for the first time in 15 years, it has been declining rapidly. The situation worsened last year with the onset of COVID-19. Many comic-book shops had to close down for safety reasons, something that nearly crippled the industry.

Surprisingly, comic-themed movies and casino games have been performing splendidly in the last few years. Films have been topping box office sales consistently while these slots are fan-favorites in the iGaming space. Below, we’ve listed the best online slot games based on comic books. For the best online casinos where you can play these comic book-themed slots, go to this page.

Tomb Raider Slot (Microgaming)

Tomb Raider was the world’s first branded slot when it came out in 2004. The franchise is also one of a few video games turned into a comic book series. The slot version of Tomb Raider stars Lara Croft as the best-paying symbol in game with five reels and 15 paylines.

Being an early 2000s slot, Tomb Raider features simple graphics. However, that doesn’t mean it’s bland. The game takes you on a tour with Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) in an intriguing adventure.

Your goal is to help Lara find her valuable items in exchange for free spins and real money wins. Trigger the Lara Croft symbol on three reels and you’re rewarded with 10 free spins. Any win in this round returns 3x your bet amount.

There’s also a bonus round that unlocks 12 idols. It comes out when you trigger the bonus feature. Trigger five idols on the reels and you could win up to 2500 bonus points.

Justice League Slot (Playtech)

The Justice League comic book series needs no introduction. It comes from DC’s comic. It has a long and legendary history starring some of the most famous superheroes: Aquaman, Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

The slot version of the game six of DC’s best superheroes. But they’re all not equal, at least not in terms of their payouts. The Flash helps unlock 15 free spins. Cyborg pays out 12 free games while Wonder Woman delivers seven spins. Superman and Batman pays out five and two free spins.  You earn free spins after triggering the JL Symbol on three to five reels.

Judge Dredd (Next Gen)

Judge Dredd is arguably the most famous comic book character from the 2000 AD Comic Magazine. Dredd is a police officer in the futuristic city of Mega-City One. But he prefers to be an officer, judge and executioner.

Luckily, the slot version of this comic book character doesn’t put in a position to taste Dredd’s wrath. Quite the opposite: this game challenges you to help Dredd solve crimes in Mega-City One.

To win real money, place a bet of between $0.25 to $50. You can also adjust your bet through the game’s 25 paylines. Experts recommend that you bet on as many paylines as you can to increase your chances of winning.

Wonder Woman (Playtech)

There’s no doubt Wonder Woman is the most famous female comic book character of all time. Movie franchises from this super heroin tend to gross hundreds of millions of dollars on box offices.

So, how does the slot version of the character perform? Reviews show fans are split on the quality of this game. The game has five reels, 30 paylines and a 95.34% RTP. Basically, it’s a typical video slot.

People against Wonder Woman think it’s too volatile, meaning it has periods of dry spells and a few winning rounds.  The Wonder Woman Logo is one of the best symbols in the game. It acts as a wild that replaces all icons on the reels besides the scatter.

A winning round featuring the wild symbols pays you 250x your stake on five reels. Interestingly, the cheetah symbols (150x) pay more than the Wonder Woman symbol (70x). Additionally, you can win small amounts by triggering card suit symbols, a girl, and man symbols.

The Dark Knight Rises (Microgaming)

After Tomb Raider’s success, Microgaming brought yet another comic-book themed slot. This time, the software developer chose a Batman inspired game. Specifically, this game is based on the 2012 movie.

Fortunately, Microgaming delivers pure quality in Dark Knight Rises. From the animations of Batman to the animations of Wayne fighting criminals in Gotham City—this is one of the best comic-book inspired slots online.

What’s more, it provides 243 ways to win. Now, this increases the volatility of winning. But it also magnifies your potential profits. You win by triggering a series of symbols from the Batman franchise. You can win up to 25000x your stake from the game.

Suicide Squad (Ash Gaming)

The Suicide Squad comic book story premiered in the 1950s. However, it didn’t become popular until the 1980s, when its slapstick humor type of action was popularized. The slot version of this comic book is based on the 2016 movie of the same name, though.

As such, you won’t find the original characters from the comic book. Instead, it stars Will Smith, Margo Robbie, Jared Leto, Jay Hernandez and Karen Fukuhara. Line up any of these characters on the reels and you’re in for a treat.

The game also comes with a jackpot linked to other super hero slots. It pays out $1 million in payouts.

Jackhammer (NetEnt)

Jackhammer is one of the less-famous characters from the Marvel Universe. He appeared in several movies during the 1990s and 2000s. But nowadays, he’s sidelined in favor of the more famous superheroes.

Nonetheless, the slot-inspired by Jackhammer is worth checking out for several reasons. First, it has a 97% payout rate. Most super hero slots have lower payouts. Second, the game features a unique comic book-like graphical design.

It also stars Evil Dr. Wuten, who pays pretty well. Additionally, the game is loaded with free spins, sticky wilds and a jackpot. It’s also a top-rated game. And you always want to play a slot with great reviews.

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