[Gaming] Reptile’s Weird D&D Home Brews – 9th Edition

Reptiles Weird Home brew
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Welcome to the 9th edition of Weird Home Brews.

Nine editions in and still dishing up the weird stuff for you Dungeon Masters so you can add some colorful, weird content to your games.

This week, we bring you a bloody, sharp pointy and a bit of a life preserver, in a way.

Blood Tear

Dagger (Very Rare Item) +2 and Bleeding Damage

This ornate dagger has a rosewood grip, rose-colored copper fittings, and is decorated with vines and red rose buds on its wickedly curved blade. The dagger is exceedingly sharp and can even pierce platemail armor. The dagger will always hold a keen edge no matter how much abuse the wielder puts it through.

It gets the name of Blood Tear for its shape and its vicious habit of bleeding its victims. When used in a successful attack, the dagger will cause an additional 2D6 of slashing damage over the normal dagger damage, causing the wound to continue to bleed at a rate of 2D4 points per round until the wound is healed or bound.

Bracer of Reincarnation

Bracer (Very Rare item requires attunement) One time use.

These bracers are made of fine quality leather and decorated in hand-tooled symbols, glyphs, and silver images.

They can be worn by any class, race, or size. Their magic will cause them to adapt to fit any wearer as if it was custom made for them. This item can only be used once and after its use, the magic is lost and they become just a normal bracer of high quality.

Use:  5 minutes after the wearer’s death, the magic of the bracer will flow through their body, lifting them slightly off the ground, as they begin to glow with an eerie light. The wearer will wake fully-healed as the magic fades, but in a changed form. The wearer will have all of their memories, skills, and abilities that they had before, along with any new abilities associated with their new form.

To find their new form, roll on the reincarnation table below:

Roll a 1D6 followed by a 1D10

D6 (1-2)D6 (3-4)D6 (5-6)
2.HalflingLizard FolkHalf Dragon
4.BullywagDrow ElfKobold
5.DwarfGnomeHalf Ogre
8.GnollTortleYuan-Ti-Pure Blood
9.AarakocraBugbearHalf Orc

This has been another edition of Reptile’s Weird D&D Home Brews.  As always, I look forward to hearing from you with any comments or ideas you may have. Until the next edition, Happy Gaming.