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[Gaming] Reptile’s Weird D&D Home Brews – 8th Edition

by Reptile
Reptiles Weird Home brew
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Welcome to the 8th edition of my weird home brews. Yes, it’s the 8th edition already! Let’s see what kind of weirdness I have for you this week.

This week is brought to you by the letters W and S. Now that could stand for Weird Stuff, but read on my gamer friends and see what they really stand for.

Wheels of Loco Motion

Wheels (very rare item)

The wheels have gained the name Loco Motion due to their erratic behavior. These magical, solid, wooden wheels are the size of an average dinner plate with a hole in the middle for the insertion of an axle. When not in use, they will easily fit into an adventurer’s backpack and weigh 1lb each.

When they are placed on an axle of a cart, carriage, or wagon, they will magically grow to the proper size wheel of the conveyance. Once installed, get ready for Mr. Toads Wild Ride; as when the command word is spoken, the wheels launch the vehicle forward at maximum speed of 300 inches. The wheels will hold fast to the ground and never slow for turns in the path or when commanded to turn but will never overturn the conveyance. The wheels also stop nearly abruptly, only slowing slightly before locking completely. Therefore, anything not fastened down will be thrown from the conveyance when starting off, cornering, or stopping. Any rider trying to hang on that is not fastened down will need to make a DC17 strength savings throw or be thrown from the conveyance. If thrown from the conveyance, the player will take 1D8 bludgeoning damage.

The Wheels will not tire like a horse and are good for longish journeys, but for every hour of continued use they will need the same amount of unused time to recharge at the end of the trip.

Shield of the Dead

Shield (Rare item, requires attunement) +3 Shield

This is a coffin-shaped shield and is festooned with runes and skulls. The shield emits a constant dull aura of pale, gray light. A foe looking upon the shield will need to make a DC 12 savings throw or be saddened with despair. If savings throw fails, any attacks against the wielder of the shield will be at disadvantage. 

The Shield of the Dead can be used to perform shield attacks at a +3 and does 1D8 +3 Necrotic damage, half of which is returned to the wielder as healing. Due to the dark nature of the shield, it can never be wielded by a person of a good alignment. If a player of good alignment attempts to use the shield, the shield becomes a -3 and will double any damage done to its wielder. Furthermore. the despair effect will be revered and give the foe an advantage on attack rolls.

This has been yet another edition of Reptile’s Weird D&D Home Brews. I hope they find their way into your games and hearts.

As always, Happy Gaming.

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