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[Gaming] Reptile’s Weird D&D Home Brews – 4th Edition

by Reptile
Reptiles Weird Home brew
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Welcome back, my D&D friends, to another edition of Reptile’s Weird Home Brews.

This week will feature a couple of magic items inspired by my family for those Rogue-minded players who are always sneaking around and taking things that don’t belong to them.

Amulet of the Animated Shadow:

Amulet of shadows

With this amulet, let your shadow do the exploring for you. While wearing the amulet, you can will your shadow to remove itself from you and act on its own. The amulet can only be used twice per day. Your shadow can spy or search ahead and has the ability to move under doors, around corners. and through cracks as small as twelve (12) inches.

To use the power of the amulet, the wearer must be in an area where their full shadow can be cast. This power cannot be used in areas the wielder doesn’t cast a shadow. Once cast, the shadow can move in darkness and through other shadows to a maximum distance of ninety (90) feet. Once the shadow is released, it can relay all it hears and sees into the mind of the wearer.

While using the amulet, the wearer will not cast a shadow, as the light energy cast upon the wearer is absorbed to power the shadow. If the wearer moves out of the light or the light source is removed, the spell will end and the shadow will cease to be. The shadow can also be destroyed by shining a focused light source at it or if a light spell is cast upon it. If the spell is broken before the wearer ends it, the shadow will instantly return and the wearer of the amulet will take 1D6 points of radiant damage. The duration of this spell is up to 15 minutes or until the shadow is destroyed.

Ring of Spell Stealing:

Ring of Spell Stealing

Are you addicted to magic or a caster who never seems to have enough spells? Maybe you’re an adventurer who needs that extra little something. Then the Ring of Spell Stealing is for you. The ring looks like an ordinary signet ring made of good quality silver with the wearer’s initial engraved on the top (the initial will change to the wearer’s initial as the ring changes owners).

The ring can store up to five (5) levels of spells that can be reloaded once per long rest. For example, if a wearer steals a 2nd level spell, he can still steal up to three (3) more spell levels that day, before they have to take a long rest and refill the ring. If the stolen spells are not used before a long rest, they are removed from the ring and the cycle starts again.

In order to load the ring, the wearer simply needs to touch a spellbook or scroll and say the power phrase (DM’s choice) and the ring will lift a random spell. The spell will not be erased from the spellbook or scroll, it is only a copy. But, if you can’t find a spell book or scroll, and you know casters that have no need of such trappings, you just touch them, say the power phrase, and copy a random one of their memorized spells into the ring.  Again, the spell will not be removed from their memory, but it might confuse them to see you use a spell they have memorized. This item requires attunement. 

I hope you will enjoy these and as always, drop me a line at Reptile@PopcultHQ.com with your feedback or requests for items you would like me to dream up for you.

Game on and stay weird my friends.


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