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[Gaming] Reptile’s Weird D&D Home Brews

by Reptile
Reptiles Weird Home brew
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This will be a new feature at PopCultHQ of odd/weird fun things you can add to your Dungeons & Dragons game. All things here will be home brew (not found in official Dungeon & Dragons texts) but completely usable within a D&D 5th Edition setting.

For the premiere installment, I will be dropping a couple of items and an NPC. I hope you enjoy.

Mace of Tickling:

This is a one-handed weapon that looks like a standard mace. This is made of hardwood and has feathers etched into the cylindrical head. When picked up and swung, it will have the same weight and feel as a metal weapon and will do the same damage as a normal +1 mace (1D6+1). The mace of tickling will add an additional point of bludgeoning damage per level the user has gained while using it.

Bonus effect of the Mace of Tickling: When a target is struck, they must make a Wisdom savings throw of DC 15 or they will fall prone laughing uncontrollably. This effect mimics the 1st level magic spell Tasha’s Hideous Laughter (see 5e Players Handbook)

Chancla of the Mama:

These sandals appear much like any other footwear worn by mom.  A flat surface to place your foot upon and 2 straps coming up from the flat surface to slide your foot under. They are made of an unknown, flexible material and are bright pink in color.

Wearing these Chanclas will imbue a +1 to all wisdom savings throws (Mother Knows Best) and will add 10 inches of movement when chasing small-type creatures (Babies are quick).

The Chancla of the Mama can also be hurled like throwing weapons, causing 1D8 plus dexterity bonus damage and 3 rounds of “shame” to whomever they hit. Using the command word will cause the chanclas to return to the thrower.

Doug, the Mostly Knowing Pug (NPC):

Doug is a pug dog. Unlike your average pug, Doug was blessed with knowledge – a lot of knowledge. Doug is not omniscient, by any means, but he knows a lot of stuff and always has his ear to the ground, which is not hard to do when you are a pug. 

Doug is a medium-sized black pug with one eye that always seems to be looking to one side, while the other one looks straight ahead. He is perpetually panting and slobbering and has a fondness for scratches behind the ears.

Doug is full of knowledge on many things. His mind is quick, his nose can sniff out a lie, and has the keen hearing of a canine. Doug can speak common and with other animals (partly where Doug gets his information – animals love to gossip). Doug is not really a fighter and would rather talk his way out of any situation, but if it comes to it he will bite like a dog.

Attack: Bite 1D6+4 Victim will then have to roll a DC11 Dex save or Doug locks his jaw on the victim causing an additional 1D4 damage per round for 1D4 rounds.

Doug’s Stats:

Armor class: 13  Hit Points: 15  Speed: 40

Str: 10  Dex: 17  Con: 12  Int: 20  Wis: 15  Cha: 14

I hope you enjoyed this first edition of Reptile’s Weird D&D Home Brew and will come back for more weirdness next week. Until then, happy gaming.

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