Everything We Know About the Rick and Morty Spinoff: The Vindicators

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While we all eagerly sit on the couches and wait for the release of the first episode of season five of Rick and Morty on June 20, we can pass the time by thinking about that little piece of unexpected news that Adult Swim dropped:

The Vindicators are getting their own spinoff from the main Rick and Morty series, giving us the expanded Rick and Morty cinematic universe (henceforth known as the RMCU) that we didn’t even know we needed.

This is one of four spinoff series that Adult Swim is doing, each of which are being pulled from some of Adult Swim’s biggest shows: Rick and Morty, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, Robot Chicken, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Honestly, if you’re currently asking, “Wait, who are the Vindicators again?“, you are probably not alone.

What started out as a one-off episode storyline has grown into Rick and Morty’s first – but probably not last – spinoff series, so let’s get into everything we know about the Vindicators.

Who Are the Vindicators?

The Vindicators first appeared in the third season of Rick and Morty, being a large part of the main plot of the episode aptly named Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender.

Basically, the whole episode was a thinly veiled satire of Marvel’s Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, or basically any other superhero squad ever. The general idea was that the Vindicators – Rick and Morty’s version of the universe’s mightiest heroes – would come together, throw some witty quips back and forth, and save humanity from intergalactic evils. Even the name The Vindicators is just a sharp jab at the Avengers.

Rick, being the nihilist he is, obviously hated them (except for Noob Noob, who has a special place in his heart).

However, that hate does not stop him from being reluctantly called upon by the Vindicators, who have deemed the villain Worldender a big enough threat that they need to extend an olive branch to the drunken genius.

The Heroes in the Vindicators

Like the Avengers, the Vindicators are just a ragtag team of superpowered people who all share almost identical backgrounds and stories of how they got their powers.

Let’s get into each hero.

Vance Maximus

An obvious ripoff of snarky heroes like Star Lord and Iron Man, Vance Maximus is the leader of the Vindicators. Calm, witty, and maybe a little too cool for his own good, he’s the beloved leader of his team and the recipient of endless fan mail.

Vance made the decision to not work with Rick and Morty after their first adventure together, but he eventually gave in and invited them back to help deal with Worldender.

Maximus doesn’t have any powers of his own – another similarity to characters like Star Lord and Ironman – and instead uses a powered suit and gauntlet blasters to lead his team into battle.

He died after trying to escape from Rick’s trap by flying into an air duct.


Supernova looks like a solar system condensed into a woman, and she is described as loyal and heroic.

We find out that she was once married to Alan Rails, but she eventually fell in love with million ants, another member of the Vindicators who she created using her awesome powers.

Apart from turning a regular colony of ants into a sentient, human-shaped ant colony, Supernova can also fly, manipulate matter, and fire energy blasts out of her hands.

She is obviously the most powerful of all of the Vindicators.

Alan Rails

Rails is basically the weirdest combination of DC Comics’ Green Lantern and American folk legend John Henry.

In terms of powers, Rails has the ability to summon ghost trains, which are green energy constructs that look awfully similar to something a Green Lantern ring would make.

In terms of appearance and personality, he is an obvious parody of John Henry.

Another member of the Vindicators, Rails was married to Supernova before their divorce. Prone to anger, Rails attacked Million Ants after finding out about Million Ants and Supernova’s affair, which led to a swift death.


Part cold, unfeeling reptile and part cold, unfeeling machine, Crocubot is cyborg crocodile steeped in redundancy (at least according to Rick)

Despite his rather cool appearance, Crocubot is actually quite weak on the power scale. He has limited heat vision, enhanced intelligence, and presumably some level of superhuman strength and durability.

He is the second Vindicator to die to Rick, after he answers one of Rick’s nonsensical questions wrong and is smashed to death in a giant metal jaw.

Million Ants

Sometimes a name tells you all you need to know.

Million Ants is – you guessed it – a million ants, given sentience by Supernova and later turning into her lover (He’s better in bed than Alan Rails, you know!).

He had a tragic background before being turned into a million ants, but so did every other Vindicator. Since gaining sentience, Million Ants is actually quite powerful, being able to endlessly regenerate as long as the queen ant survives, and he can transform into basically any shape he wants.

He too died in Rick’s Saw-like games, with Supernova killing him before trying to kill Rick and Morty so that there would be no witnesses.


The only member of the Vindicators who Rick has any affection for.

That, in itself, is something.

Noob-Noob is not yet an official Vindicator, and was working himself towards full Vindicator graduation at the start of Vindicators: Return of Worldender.

Apart from Rick’s diehard affection for Noob-Noob, not much is known about him. Je appears to be from the same alien species as Mr. Poopybutthole, Stealy, and Benjamin the Ball Fondler.

Lady Katana, Calypso, and Diablo Verde

While none of these three have actually made it into an episode, they all appear on a tablet that Morty holds near the start of the episode revolving around the Vindicators.

Apparently, all three of them died in the unseen and mostly-unexplained Vindicators 2, so if the Vindicators miniseries took place after the episode, there is no chance of them showing up.

However, as we will get into next, that is most likely not the case.

What Do We Know About The Plot?

One thing we know for certain is that the events in the Vindicators spinoff series will take place before the events in ‘Vindicators 3: Return of Worldender’.

How do we know that> Well, basically everyone dies in the third season episode.

Only Supernova and Noob Noob are left standing after “surviving” Rick’s Saw-themed death traps, and the new vindicators series looks like it will feature the whole team. So, unless all of them are miraculously revived, it seems more than likely that the events in the miniseries will lead up to Vindicators 3: Return of Worldender.

This means we will probably go from the team getting put together, through their first adventure with Rick and Morty, to their second, ill-fated adventure where three of their members die, all the way up to finally begging Rick to come back to help against Worldender.

Another way to get hints on the plot is via the Rick and Morty merchandise page at Nerdythings.

None of this is confirmed, we’re just spitballing with the information at hand.

An educated spitball, if you will.

Is This a New Series?

Kind of.

While it is new, it’s not a full series that is expected to span multiple seasons, but instead a contained miniseries consisting of a set amount of episodes.

Like we have already mentioned, it looks like the miniseries will basically cover the Vindicators up until Rick ruins all of their lives (and ends most of them!) in the already-released season 3 episode.

It is expected to run a total of eight to ten episodes in the miniseries, and it seems likely there will not be another season.

Is There a Trailer?

Adult Swim recently released a new trailer for the upcoming 5th season of Rick and Morty, and while they have not released a trailer specifically for the Vindicators spinoff series, it seems likely we will get one as we approach the release date.

Well, now you know just about everything you could possibly want to know about the Vindicators and their upcoming miniseries.

Let’s just hope they have better luck in their series than they did against drunk Rick.

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