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Add Some Heroes to Your Night Life

by April Carvelli
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Looking for something a little different to shed light in a darkened hallway? Or maybe you don’t want to trip over the dog in the night?

Night lights are no longer just a thing for children’s rooms. They are functional, decorative, and allow you to show your geeky side without flaunting it.

A 3-D illusion lamp combination of art and technology that creates an optical 3D illusion and plays tricks on the eyes. From afar, you will see the design. But as you get up close, you’ll see a thin, acrylic glass sheet that’s completely flat. It’s bound to dazzle and impress your guests, all while lighting up the room and your lives, and comes with remote control that lets you control the colors.

This light gives you a choice of 3 superheroes: Spider-Man, Ironman, or Captain America, each with color choices.

You can get a similar style that shows all three heroes at once. This one has a touch-base instead of the remote.

3-D Lights

For something different why not have the heroes breaking through your wall?

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