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[Recap] AEW Dynamite (4/21)

by Stentor
AEW Dynamite 4-21 feature
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Written by Shining Polaris

AEW Dynamite followed a very successful episode last week. They hit 1.2 million viewers in the ratings, which was the second highest since they debuted. This week’s card was unique in that it was all single’s matches, despite having the strongest Tag Team division in the world. It also had two title matches, The Women’s Championship and the TNT Championship.

*** WARNING: This article contains spoilers
for AEW’s Dynamite from April 21st, 2021***

AEW Dynamite 4-2

The Pinnacle members were interviewed by AEW Commentator, Jim Ross. MJF commented on Chris Jericho’s “Immortal” promo and showed off his new silk scarf that their manager, Tully Blanchard gave him. He also said that Jericho had outsmarted and defeated all his previous opponents but hadn’t outsmarted him, he had actually defeated Jericho before. MJF hangs out with all the “Top Guys,” everyone is a winner. The interview was ended with MJF calling out the Inner Circle by saying that he better bring his whole family to Blood and Guts because MJF will be.

AEW Dynamite 4-21

Next was the AEW Women’s World Title, Hikaru Shida defending against Tay Conti, the number one contender for the title. Conti was accompanied by the Dark Order. Both women are strikers and skilled in various martial arts, allowing each to land devastating offense onto each other. Tay tried hard to land her DDTay finisher onto Shida, but Shida was able to dodge it. Shida was finally able to hit her knee strike onto Tay’s head, knocking her out. Shida retains her title.

Dr. Britt Baker then walked out and pointed the screen with the women’s rankings. Since Tay lost, Dr. Baker has finally moved up to the number one spot. Dr. Baker has been the “face of the women’s division” and fans have been waiting for her to take the belt from Shida. Shida has been a champion for almost a year now. Will these two face off at Double or Nothing at the end of May? Will Dr. Britt Baker finally become the new AEW Women’s Champion?

Inner Circle came out to respond to MJF’s interview. All the members took turns making fun of The Pinnacle. Chris Jericho said that MJF claimed to be the best at promos, but he felt they had no substance and he didn’t “feel” what MJF was saying. It was like he was rehearsing a high school play. Jericho wrote a song about MJF and proceeded to sing it, then he said it was fun to make jokes about The Pinnacle, but at Blood and Guts they will get a lesson in violence. Jericho proposed that next week they sit down with their groups on each side and discuss the battle plans for the event.

AAEW Dynamite 4-21

The Elite walked outside to their new luxury bus. Brandon Cutler (Young Bucks’ assistant) and Michael Nakazawa (Kenny Omega’s assistant) accompanied them to record. Inside the bus, Don Callis bragged about all the belts Kenny Omega has won, and how he will win the Impact Championship title at Rebellion. The Young Bucks spoke next. Matt Jackson told the world why they are best. They were the reason wrestling became popular in Japan and that a “certain shirt” (Bullet Club) from Japan was highest-selling in America. Kenny wanted to talk next, but someone was honking loudly outside. Kenny told Doc Gallows to look outside to see who. It was Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston in a big truck which they drove into the bus, then got out with bats and started breaking the windows. Moxley was screaming out for the Young Bucks. He entered the trailer, but found the Elite had disappeared. Moxley and Kingston said they were cowards, then walked away.

During the commercial break, Impact had their first ad on the TNT channel about the upcoming PPV Rebellion. Despite the fact that Don Callis and the Good Brothers are from Impact Wrestling, AEW never cross-promoted that brand. Will Impact Wrestling’s roster be more involved after Rebellion? It seems that AEW is setting up a new feud between Jon Moxley/Eddie Kingston and the Young Bucks. Will this rivalry lead up to both teams going head-to-head for the AEW Tag Team Titles? It is a month from Double or Nothing, we will see what develops.

AEW Dynamite 4-21

The Main Event was the TNT Championship between Darby Allin and Jungle Boy. Darby Allin had Sting in his corner and Jungle Boy had Luchasaurus. This was an anticipated match because both are evenly matched in size, age, and style. Both are projected to be the future stars of AEW to carry the brand when the veterans retire. Darby was able to outmaneuver Jungle Boy by using mat-based wrestling. Jungle Boy used his submission techniques to get an edge over the champion, getting his Bow and Arrow lock submission onto Darby several times. No one has ever escaped that lock, but Darby used both his high resilience and mat sense to break the hold. Darby won the match by hitting his Last Supper pin onto Jungle Boy and retained his championship.

Darby barely had time to celebrate when Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page entered the ring to beat him up. Both want a TNT title shot and believe they should be the face of TNT. Lance Archer ran out and attacked Sky and Page. Even though Lance is stronger, he could not take both men down. They beat on Lance until Sting came out with his bat, then ran away as Lance Archer and Sting starred each other down.

Other Events that Happened During Dynamite:

  • Adam Page defeats Ricky Starks with a submission victory.
  • Penta El Zero Em defeats Trent with an assist by his translator Alex Abrahantes.
  • Miro was ready to go after the AEW World Title or the TNT Title.
  • Jade Cargil hints she may have a manager.
  • QT Marshall beats Billy Gunn with the assist by Anthony Ogogo. Dustin Rhodes, QT;s former tag team partner, attacks QT with the Bull Rope (hinting maybe future Bull Rope stipulation match).
  • Christian defeats Will Hobbs with the Kill Switch.

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