Todd McFarlane Talks About Jim Lee Challenging Him at Baseball…and Failing

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This video and article was originally published February 18, 2015 by our founder Manny Popoca. We’ve taken the liberty of updating it.

If you are a fan of comic books at all, then you might well know the names Todd McFarlane, the creator of Image Comic’s Spawn, and Jim Lee, the Publisher and Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics.


If you are not familiar with these two men, they were once rock stars of Marvel Comics. Then the two became part of the fabled seven that left the big house (Marvel) to begin the unknown venture of trying to create their very own independent comic book company. Anyhow, that’s a tale to tell another day. What we are here to talk about is that very time period when the Image creators were still a band of brothers hanging out doing their crazy antics that not many people even know of today.

Todd McFarlane

Well that’s why PopCultHQ is here! The insider information and the ‘I did not know that’ content with which we will always come at you.

Here is the video I shot years ago at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con. I believe this was 2008 when the original Image Comics founding fathers were reunited (minus Jim Lee) once again to tell their dazzling stories.

What dazzling story do we have for you today? Well how about the time Jim Lee tried to outshine Todd McFarlane at a game of batting cage hitting only to end up holding Todd McFarlane’s very own balls!!! Check out my video below…..I’m so sorry for the bad quality, It was shot off a digital camera like eons ago but it’s worth watching till the end!!