[Recap] Impact Wrestling’s Thursday Night Event (4/15)

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Written by Shining Polaris

Impact Wrestling

It is about a week from Impact Wrestling’s much anticipated PPV, Rebellion. Last night’s episode focused on creating more matches for the card with a press conference between Kenny Omega and Rich Swann as the main event.

*** WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the
Impact Wrestling show from April 15th, 2021***

Karl Anderson vs. Crazy Steve was the second match on this week’s episode. The Good Brothers had not forgotten that Decay was laughing after they were kicked out of the locker room. Doc Gallows previously defeated Black Taurus at Hardcore Justice, now it was time to take out the other member, Crazy Steve. Both men had allies in their corners watching their backs. Decay doesn’t look like typical wrestlers, which makes it easy to underestimate them, which Anderson did. The Good Brothers should have been more focused on their tag team title match at Rebellion, instead they got caught up on maintaining their “cool” image. Decay had humiliated them in the locker room, so the Good Brothers felt their brand had been diminished. The commentators wondered if they had too much on their mind. Could they lose their title match? Crazy Steve attempted to put Anderson into a few submission moves and each time they were successful, Doc Gallows distracted the referee. The last time was enough to distract Crazy Steve right into Anderson’s Gun Stun allowing him to pin Crazy Steve for the win. 

Finjuice had a short video message for the Good Brothers summarizing their success in Japan. They understood that the Good Brothers had won many titles in Japan, but Finjuice took the Impact titles off them. At Rebellion they are going to prove that they are the best tag team by beating the Good Brothers again. 

The Good Brothers both have a singles win under their belt. Is this enough momentum to carry through to Rebellion and win back their Tag Team Titles? The Good Brothers could win their titles back due to their years of worldly experience over Finjuice, but they could also easily lose because they have too much on their mind. One big advantage that the Good Brothers has is their allies. Interesting note is that the commentators mentioned the Young Bucks. Is it possible they could show up at Rebellion to give the Good Brothers a hand? 

Impact 4-16 press

Impact’s main event was the press conference with AEW’s World Champion Kenny Omega and Impact’s Unified Champion Rich Swann. Swann and Scott D’Amore, VP of Impact, were there and Jerry Lynn and Tony Khan, CEO of AEW were present. Kenny Omega and Don Callis were not to be seen. Tony Khan said this is typical of them and to proceed with the conference anyway. One of the questions asked was if there would be a definitive winner. In the past when two promotions put their titles on the line, the matches were typically cancelled because the champion would have to endure a grueling schedule representing more than one promotion. Tony Khan answered first saying he believed Kenny would win, but whoever wins make the commitments. If Swann wins, he will appear on AEW Dynamite to defend the belt. If Kenny wins, he will make more appearances on Impact. Scott D’Amore added that Tony Khan was a visionary and that he put fans and talent first. Tony Khan said on AEW there has never been a non-finish, and he will ensure there is a winner in this AEW-sanctioned match.

Kenny Omega and Don Callis finally made it to the press conference and the next question was for Don Callis asking which side was he on. Is he Impact’s Vice President or is he Kenny’s manager? Don stood up to answer the question and instead promoted Kenny Omega as the greatest wrestler in the world. He handed the stage to Kenny, who stated that normally at press conferences he just lists why he should win. But he feels he has done this too many times, this is just another day for him. Rich Swann has never been in these high-stake situations and should be nervous and scared. Kenny was put on this earth to make a change, while Swann was here simply because he liked wrestling. He respected him for even trying to be in the ring with him, but he didn’t belong in this history-making event. When people watch this match that opened the “forbidden door,” they won’t remember Swann. Kenny hopes Swann brings his “A” game to the match. Kenny held his hand out to shake Swann’s hand. Swann glared angrily and Kenny slapped him in the face.

Impact 4+16 kenny

After this. Impact announced Mauro Ranello will be calling the main event at Rebellion. He was a long time WWE commentator who moved to NXT as their main announcer, but left a few months ago to focus on other projects. This will be Ranello’s first major gig after leaving NXT.

Other events that happened on Impact:

  • Josh Alexander defeated TJP.
  • Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack called out VBD, they want a rematch at Rebellion. To make the odds even, James Storm and Chris Sabin joined them to face VBD.
  • Tenille Dashwood debuted her talk show “It’s All About Me.”
  • Jazz officially announced her retirement in the ring. Fire N’ Flavor tried to interrupt the ceremony, which resulted in them having an impromptu match. Jazz and Jordynne Grace defeated Fire N’ Flava. Scott D’Amore thought it was a distasteful act by Fire N’ Flava. As punishment, he made them put their titles on the line at Rebellion against Jazz and Jordynne. Jazz was set on retiring, but she promised she will find Jordynne a new tag team partner.
  • Brian Meyers defeated Jake Something and he then chose Sami Callihan to wrestle against Matt Cardona. Sami Callihan wins.
  • Sami Callihan brought out Trey Miguel to tell him he was happy they won their match at Hardcore Justice. He asked Miguel if he wanted to be his tag team partner. Miguel said no and Sami beat him up.

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