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[Recap] AEW Dynamite (4/7)

by Stentor
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Written by Shining Polaris

*** WARNING: This article contains spoilers
for AEW’s Dynamite from April 7th, 2021***

AEW Dynamite aired on April 7th, during Wrestlemania weekend, and they were putting on a big show.

The first big segment was commentator Tony Schiavone in the ring, who introduced the Death Triangle. Pac made a return with his partners, Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero M, after a short absence due to injury. Schiavone asked how they felt since they earned a shot at the tag team titles at Revolution. Death Triangle was about to speak when Orange Cassidy’s music hit and he came out with his team. Best Friends. He reminded Death Triangle of the attack a year ago.

The real reason they were there is because they want to challenge for the tag team titles, but Best Friends can’t because they are currently not ranked, due to Trent’s injury, and know they have to start from the bottom. They want to remind everyone they won the most tag team matches in AEW and that they are also back together with Kris Statlander as a new member.

Orange Cassidy made his in ring debut against Pac at Revolution in 2020, which started a feud between Best Friends and Death Triangle, that was cut short due to the pandemic. Pac, who lives in the UK, and the Lucha Bros, who live in Mexico, could not travel to the USA, so that whole feud was dropped and almost forgotten. During this segment, it was hinted that there may be a new title belt for the Trios Tag Team championship. The two teams that could be the inaugural champs are Best Friends and Death Triangle. It will be very interesting to see how this feud continues, and if this leads to the new belt.

Chris Jericho and his Inner Circle came to Daily’s Place in style, all were wearing black leather and arrived in Lamborghinis. They entered the ring and Jericho gave an amazing 10+ minute promo destroying MFJ, then proceeded to roast each member of the Pinnacle. It was funny and intense. After this promo, Jericho announced that on May 5th, AEW will have their Blood and Guts show, which will be the Inner Circle vs the Pinnacle.

AEW Dynamite 4-7

A few segments later, Chris Jericho was backstage trying to be interviewed by Alex Marvez when he was attacked by the Pinnacle, all while the rest of the Inner Circle were locked in their dressing room. The Pinnacle took Jericho to the ring where FTR was the first to hit their finisher onto him. Wardlow was about to do a powerbomb onto Jericho when Mike Tyson came out. He and the rest of the Inner Circle (who broke down the door to their room to escape) attacked The Pinnacle. The Pinnacle had a little bit of a temper tantrum outside of the ring, then ran away. Chris Jericho and Mike Tyson briefly faced-off then shook hands.

Two huge events came out of these Inner Circle segments. First, was the announcement of the Blood and Guts show, which will be a Wednesday, meaning it is not a PPV and is free on TV. This is huge news, as last year’s event was cancelled due to the pandemic. Fans were waiting to see if this event could happen again. Last year was supposed to be the Inner Circle vs The Elite, but that feud ended in a Stadium Stampede match at Double or Nothing. The second big event was that Mike Tyson returned, his last time on AEW was in May during Double or Nothing. Tyson and Jericho had a falling out, and it was highly teased that those two were going to have a match together at All Out. Plans changed because Mike Tyson was preparing for his fight against Roy Jones last November. These announcements combined with Blood and Guts next month will make it exciting to see how events will build. Everyone in the Inner Circle and the Pinnacle are huge stars, so fans are expecting a great match.

The big question is will Mike Tyson be part of this feud too?

AEW Dynamite 4-7 a

The Main Event was a Trios Tag Team match: Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers vs. Jon Moxley and the Young Bucks. Kenny and the Young Bucks had a falling out a few weeks ago which was exasperated by Don Callis trying to get into the Young Bucks’ heads. The match started off strangely with all of the Elite in the ring together, with Jon Moxley being the odd man out. Kenny pleaded with the Young Bucks, but the match went on. It was a hard-hitting event, but you could see that the Young Bucks were conflicted, especially Matt Jackson, Kenny’s best friend. When they faced-off in the ring, Kenny again pleaded for Matt to stop and think about their friendship. Matt wanted to hit Kenny, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it, so a frustrated Moxley had to interfere to keep the match going. Nick Jackson was not as forgiving as his brother, and initially had no problem attacking Omega, but he started feeling guilty as well. The Young Bucks set Kenny up for their BTE trigger, but when Kenny didn’t move out of the way, they found they couldn’t do it, despite Moxley at the ringside screaming at the Young Bucks to end it. In frustration, Moxley tagged himself in and gave Kenny two devastating Paradigm Shifts and then he put him into a choke hold for the win. The Young Bucks superkicked Moxley in the face taking him down. Eddie Kingston, still with a broken leg, staggered to the ring to save Moxley. The Good Brothers hit their Magic Killer on Kingston, then hit their finisher on Moxley. Kenny Omega, who is still the legal man, could not move after Moxley’s beat down so The Good Brothers picked Kenny up and dropped him on top of Moxley for the pin.

In the meantime, The Young Buck had turned their backs on the Good Brothers letting them continue their beatdown. When they were finished, the Good Brothers held Moxley up for the Young Bucks. Don Callis whispered something into the Young Bucks ears and a second later they superkicked Moxley. The show ended with all men hugging as the commentators exclaimed that the Bullet Club was back together again.

Some fans are not happy with this ending because it was too “predictable.” Bullet Club’s fans know that Young Bucks and Kenny have fallen out before but always get back together. Bullet Club is also a heel faction and ever since the Young Bucks joined AEW, they have been a babyface tag team. They were truly at their best as the bad guys during their run in NJPW and ROH. The Elite will continue to feud with both Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston, but fans are waiting for the ultimate rivalry which is against Japan’s Bullet Club. Jay White and some of the NJPW Bullet Club are currently back in the states. Will they be involved soon? Both factions have been on Twitter. regularly taking shots at each other. Also, Kota Ibushi recently lost his IWGP title at Sakura Genesis, could that mean he could be reuniting with his former tag team partner, Kenny Omega? It has been difficult to bring some of the NJPW wrestlers to AEW due to the pandemic, but as the world slowly gets back to normal these dream matches might come to fruition.

AEW Dynamite 4-7 b

Other events that happened on Dynamite:

  • Adam Page defeated Max Castor.
  • Team Taz tried to recruit Christian Cage. He did not give an official answer, but his body language suggested it is hard no.
  • Jurassic Express beat Bear Country in the Godzilla vs. Kong promotional match for the movie.
  • QT Marshall want his Nightmare Factory back and names his group the Factory.
  • Sting tried to give Lance Archer some advice. Lance can be a main event-level wrestler, but he needs to go after it instead of disappearing.
  • Darby Allin retains his TNT Championship against JD Drake.
  • Tay Conti defeats Allie with help from the AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida.

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