[Video] Viewing Videos w/ Vicki – March 29 – April 4

It’s safe to say that there are a lot of videos out on the internet. Even aside from streaming television shows and movies, entire websites and apps are built around creating and sharing videos, and we love sharing the ones we enjoy so that others might enjoy them as well. Here are some of the videos (both new and old) I’ve enjoyed watching the past week, and I hope you enjoy them as well!

Last week I shared some videos of the eruption of Geldingadalur in Iceland. The video below is equally stunning, but it certainly came at a cost. The footage was captured by flying a drone directly over the volcano, which predictably caused damage, partially melting the drone!

Star Wars fan were overjoyed to see the return of Boba Fett in Season 2 of The Mandalorian, and the former bounty hunter certainly saw his share of action, particularly in Episode 14: The Tragedy. This video Lego-ized that fantastic fight scene, which still retains its epicness!

Grogu toys are everywhere, but what if you could go the extra step and give him a floating cradle as well? This video documents how Hacksmith made theirs, which certainly is one of the ultimate accessories for any Mandalorian fan.

Parodies are always fun, and this Star Wars parody “Do You Want To Build a Snowman?” is no exception, showing just how much the Empire hates the Rebellion.

What do you do when you have the largest crater lake covered in ice? Well, you turn it into the world’s largest ice carousel! It truly was a massive undertaking, requiring the work of lots of people, lots of machinery, and about a week’s worth of cutting ice. There are several moments of levity such as finding a fish frozen in a block of ice (otherwise known as a Finnish snack) and when they expected the carousel to start moving that day, only to cut to a graphic that said it in fact did not start spinning that day. Eventually, they did get it to start moving, almost imperceptibly. The whole thing is a feat of engineering and patience, even if it didn’t always go as planned!

I’ve shared before the internet’s renewed interest in sea shanties, but this fad recently collided with real-world events when a single ship blocked all traffic on the Suez Canal in Egypt. A group of friends wrote this saga about the blockage that ground international shipping to a near-halt for several days, and its quite fun!

Given the amount of pet videos on the internet (and let’s face it, this feature) it seems pretty obvious that there are psychological benefits to seeing dogs. With that in mind, someone decided to set up a rig that would notify him whenever someone with a dog walked by. But what about when he’s not home? Well, he decided to turn it around to let the passerby know that he liked their dog, which I found utterly charming!

The are billions of life forms on our planet, and many of those we know very little about. This fascinating video talks about a tiny creature called a springtail that can to some pretty incredible flips extremely fast.

We all know that an important part of staying healthy is regular exercise. But what about our pets? Sure we all take our dogs out for walks, but there are other ways to keep them active as well. This video from Planet Fitness gives your pups a fun workout to stay in tip-top shape!

What are some of the best videos you’ve watched this week?

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