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[Recap] AEW Dynamite (3/31)

by April Carvelli
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Written by Shining Polaris

*** WARNING: This article contains spoilers
for AEW’s Dynamite from March 31st, 2021***

AEW Dynamite 3-31

Dynamite started off with the highly-anticipated debut match of Christian Cage against Frankie Kazarian. Both are 20+ year veterans and both were staples of the TNA/Impact promotion in the early 2000’s. This was a hard-hitting, PPV-quality match as both men were showing of their full skillset. At the end, it was Christian that emerged victorious and took his first step toward the World Championship.

In an an unsanctioned match, with special guest referee “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson, it was “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (with Dustin Rhodes & Billy) against his best friend QT Marshall. As friends, they had run the Nightmare Factory Wrestling School, but QT had gotten fed up with Cody not treating him as an equal. The ring was surrounded by members of the Nightmare Factory who had trained under Cody and QT. Rhodes entered the ring with a grand entrance and an entourage, while Marshall didn’t even get an entrance. QT was getting frustrated with Cody, as he was out wrestled with every move. Sudenly, QT hits Arn, he briefly looked shocked at what he did and climbed out of the ring, Suddenly, the Nightmare Factory students attacked everyone in the ring. After brutally beating down Dustin Rhodes, QT ordered the students to bring Cody up the steps on the ramp, where he put his boot on Cody’s neck and prepared to swing a chair to finish him. Then Red Velvet, Brandi Rhodes’ friend and Cody’s tag team partner, ran to save Cody and begged QT to stop. QT and his newly formed group walked away from the chaos.

The Pinnacle had recently stolen the Inner Circle’s dressing room, so MJF was gifting his group an interior designer and stylist. He opened the door and behind it was Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle. MJF screamed at them to leave, but the Inner Circle surrounded The Pinnacle. The Pinnacle and the Inner Circle were evenly matched, each Inner Circle member took down their Pinnacle counterparts. It ended with Jericho fighting MJF. Jericho shoved MJF’s head into the toilet, then threw MJF into the vending machine, which knocked him out. Jericho took back his dressing room as he poured the “bubbly” all over MJF as the Inner Circle celebrated their win.

Jon Moxley, still angry at the Good Brothers for breaking Eddie Kingston leg, was also mad at the Young Bucks because he do not know what their stand is. They need to make a decision soon.

The Young Bucks were being interviewed by Alex Marvez when Don Callis shoved Marvez to the side. He wanted to talk to Matt Jackson one-on-one. Don is frustrated with the Young Bucks for not choosing Kenny Omega and told him that Kenny had chosen the Young Bucks over a good career in Japan. He chose them because they are family. Callis asked Jackson if he is dead inside and if he could he even feel love anymore? He didn’t care if the Young Bucks don’t like him, but they broke Kenny’s heart. Matt continue to stand there in silence and Don, seeing that he wasn’t getting through, slapped him. Matt grabbed him by the throat, about to choke him but stopped. Don chuckled in disappointment and called Matt pathetic as he walked off.

AEW Dynamite 3-31c

Right after that was the big six-man tag team match. This was Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers vs Laredo Kid and the Lucha Bros. Don Callis followed behind his team carrying the AEW and the AAA Belt from Mexico.  In this match were several of the AAA Mexicans champions. Kenny is their Mega Champion, Laredo Kid is their Cruiserweight Champion, and the Lucha Bros. are their Tag Team Champions. The match was extremely fast-paced as the Lucha Bros and Laredo Kid used their high-flying offense against The Elite’s mostly grounded style. Laredo Kid and Kenny Omega faced off at the end. Laredo Kid hit Kenny with a Michinoku Driver and almost pinned him for the win, but Omega kicked out. He immediately hit him back with his V trigger and One Winged Angel for the win. The Elite couldn’t celebrate immediately, as Jon Moxley and his new teammates, the Young Bucks, slowly walked into the ring and tried to jump their former teammates, but the Elite ran off.

AEW Dynamite 3-31b

Arcade Anarchy Match was the main event. This is a no disqualification tag team match between the Best Friends of Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor Vs. Miro and Kip Sabian. This feud started back in the September PPV of All Out where Best Friends faced the former Tag Team Champions of FTR. They were thrown into an arcade machine sitting outside of the ring by FTR, which was Miro’s wedding gift to Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford. From that point, each side had been trying to get back the other. Miro made Chuck Taylor his butler and tortured him for a month, and Orange Cassidy ruined Kip and Penelope’s wedding. Everyone had been interfering with each other’s matches. Finally, this was put to an end in the feud.

AEW Dynamite 3-31aThe outside of the ring was decorated with arcades and toys/weapons. The match started immediately as Cassidy and Chuck attacked their opponents as they were entering the ring. The match was brutal with everyone thrown into the machines and tables. Penelope was outside watching. She pulled the referee off the ring as Cassidy pinned her husband Kip. She then tried to give Cassidy cheap shots with her belt. The toy claw machine burst open and Kris Statlander jumped out. She had been injured (legit) by Penelope and Kip back in May and hadn’t wrestled since. Statlander, an ally of the Best Friends, took Penelope out by powerbombing her through the air hockey table. Miro was beating down both Cassidy and Chuck on the outside of the ring, who started crawling away from Miro heading towards the parking lot. Car headlights were shown and a white minivan entered. It was Trent and his mom Sue coming to save the day. The Best Friends were finally reunited and whole as they beat up on Miro, who was finally neutralized when Trent speared him through a table. Kip, watching from the top of stage, was distracted when Chuck powerslammed him off the stage and pinned. The Best Friends won and all three members plus Statlander did their signature hug.

Other events of this evening:

  • Darby Allin calling out Matt Hardy
  • Jade Cargil calling out, and then beating up. Red Velvet
  • Jon Moxley beats up Cesar Bononi
  • Team Taz wants to reassure everyone they are fine, but Ricky Starks have some words to say to Brian Cage
  • Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page both feel like they are not treated right in AEW
  • Jurassic Express makes a challenge to Bear Country

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