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[Recap] AEW Dynamite (3/24)

by Stentor
AEW Dynamite 3-24 feature
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Written by Shining Polaris

*** WARNING: This article contains spoilers
for AEW’s Dynamite from March 24th, 2021***

The show began with a huge match. Kenny Omega, the AEW World Champion, vs. Matt Sydal in a non-title match. This match had been created because on AEW Elevation (Youtube show), Kenny challenged that if Matt could beat him in a single’s match, he would get a title shot without moving up the ranking system. Omega underestimated Sydal, who has a unique, high-flying offense and is great in submissions. Matt almost pinned Kenny for the win, but after a close near fall, the One Winged Angel knocked Sydal out.

AEW Dynamite 3-24

The Pinnacle had their debut match. This was a trio tag team with FTR and Shawn Spears vs. Varsity Blondes and Top Flight. It wasn’t long before Shawn pinned Top Flight’s Darius Martin for the win. FTR and MJF got on the mic to brag and called out and mocked the Inner Circle. MJF accused the Inner Circle of cowardice for not facing them and then announced that Pinnacle will soon be on the top.

QT Marshall, one of Cody Rhodes best friends, came out to state that he is frustrated with the Nightmare Family. He feels he doesn’t get a lot of recognition for the work he does. Cody goes home to his family everyday while QT works overtime. Cody came out and said he was surprised QT felt that way and offered him a match with Nightmare Family’s manager/coach, Arn Anderson refereeing, in the hopes that things will return to normal afterwards.

AEW Dynamite 3-24a

The Young Bucks and their childhood friend, Brandon Cutler, had a trios match again the Lucha Bros and Laredo Kid. This match was supposed to be against Death Triangle, but Pac was injured. Laredo Kid had previously partnered with the Lucha Bros and all three have been a huge part of Lucha Libra AAA Promotion. This match was fast and explosive as all participants are high flyers and big strikers. After an intense match, Brandon Cutler was hit with the Spanish Fly and pinned by Laredo Kid for the win. Just as Laredo Kid was about to get his hand raised in victory, Kenny Omega hit him in the head with the microphone. The Young Bucks appeared confused as to why Kenny was there. Omega ranted about remembering Laredo Kid from AAA and Fyter Fest years ago, then asked the Young Bucks if they remembered the choice they all made together. Kenny could have stayed “back home” with his family and fans, but instead he chose …not AEW… but his best friends, the Young Bucks. Kenny is hurt because he had chosen them and they chose Brandon Cutler, their “cameraman.” Kenny held up the “Too Sweet” sign and asked them to stand by him. The Young Bucks turned their backs on Omega and he screamed at them that it was over. Suddenly, Penta El Zero M kicks Kenny in the face and the Lucha Bros knock him out then everyone walks away. The Good Brothers come out to help up the now bleeding Kenny and they carry him out of the ring.

Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston are sitting in their dressing room. Kingston is upset that the Good Brothers broke his leg. He ranted against the Good Brothers, then stated that he was going to make them pay. Moxley then asked, how far were they willing to go? He doesn’t know the Young Bucks too well and doesn’t like them, but he feels he owes for saving him last week from injury. He isn’t sure where they stand, but if they want to be involved in this “war” they have to get their hands dirty. It’s now confirmed that the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega have split. Will they continue to watch out for themselves or join another group? It almost appears that Jon Moxley is asking the Young Bucks to join him in taking down Kenny. The Good Brothers are loyal to their leader, but they are no longer champions. But is that good enough for Kenny? All three will be in a trios match next week against the team of Rey Fenix, Penta El Zero M, and Laredo Kid. We will have to see if they can work together.

AEW Dynamite 3-24b

What also happened on Dynamite:

  • Adam Page defeated Ceazar Bononi.
  • Frankie Kazarian confronted Christian Cage and demanded a match next week and to watch him on AEW Elevation.
  • Orange Cassidy/Chuck Taylor and Miro/Kip Sabian will finally put their feud to rest next week in an Arcade Anarchy Match.
  • Team FTW says everything is fine but Brian Cage seem a bit hesitant.
  • Tay Conti defeats Nyla Rose, the former AEW Women’s Champion.
  • Matt Hardy and his group (newly named HFO) are starting trouble with multiple factions.
  • Darby Allin, the TNT Champion, defeats John Silver of the Dark Order.

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