Innovations and Trends in The Online Casino and Gambling Industry

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Chris Bell is a huge fan of iGaming and works as a software developer at Gamblizard. In his spare time, he loves to perfect his writing and share his thoughts on online gambling. Chris enjoys esports events like COD league, Dota 2 competitions and League of Legends.

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Innovation is quite common in the online gambling industry. It is a result of constant compliance requirements, and a desire to attract more players. UK gambling is known for its heavy regulatory requirements, so every now and again software needs to be tweaked in order for providers to maintain their license. However, the platform itself tends to evolve not just the game selection. Expanding payment methods, and increasing the overall security of the site is just as important.

Many of the innovations are a direct result of accommodating user needs and desires. There are certain trends in the casino industry that every fan expects to see. This keeps the industry moving forward and it enables superior user experience, which is a must nowadays. So let’s go over some of these new trends that help online gambling platforms stay competitive.  


Many users want to stay anonymous and put a lot of trust in digital currencies. Given how this is a preferred and safer payment method, online casinos went above and beyond to accommodate crypto payments. As one of the fastest-growing industries, we are sure to see cryptocurrency payment become a norm rather than a trend in online gambling. They are simply a more secure and faster means of transfer compared to other options out there. The innovations will come in the number of different cryptocurrencies a specific casino can accept and most likely gambling tokens. 

Better Bonuses

One of the main player incentives real-money gambling sites use are welcome bonuses. These tend to be free spins or credits that you get upon sign up or first deposit. However, those bonuses are becoming even more generous as now they don’t even require the initial deposit. You can find a new no deposit casino in UK, with ease nowadays. Simply visit GambLizard or another site of similar nature that is relevant for your region. This is really great if you are a new player, or even if you are looking for a new casino platform. Using this bonus you have the opportunity to test the casino and figure out if it’s reliable and if you like it.

More eSports Betting Options

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For a long time, eSports has been regarded as a niche gambling option for those who love video games. During the pandemic, however, a lot of gambling sites realized that it is not really a case and there is a huge audience interested in these events. With more options for esports gambling, more viewers might be attracted to eSports and gaming. Call of Duty league, Dota 2, Counter-Strike, and League of Legends, are quite big events and more competitive gamers are drawn to participate.

Virtual Reality Casinos

There are a lot of casino video games, and this shows that there is a huge player base that enjoys games that do not involve real-money bets. Given the allure of the virtual environment and progress made within VR tech, it’s just a matter of time before more and more VR casinos start to pop up. It is a better way to emulate the real experience of a land-based casino something that the online options certainly lack.

More Live Games

Poker is one of the most popular multiplayer games in a casino. So people who enjoy playing against each other definitely prefer live games. The same goes for Blackjack, being able to enjoy your favourite card games from your home is a quality of life feature players appreciate. So, we are likely to see more live dealer games down the line, for the purpose of emulating real casinos.

New Slots Games

 Slots are still the most profitable games within any land-based and online casino. So it is only natural that a lot of innovation will be aimed at that player base. We will see better graphics, a more engaging storyline, and many new themes. Even if a younger audience is more drawn to arcade games, slots are still massively popular and something that casinos want to support with further investments.


These were some of the most probable innovations that we will see during this year and years to come. Of course, if anything new pops up on the radar it will likely be incorporated into the growth strategy. Smartwatches are a good example, as developers are definitely looking into how to allow users to place bets via this device. 

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