Which Movies Have Featured Roulette Over The Years?

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As one of the most famous games that casinos feature, it should come as little surprise that the game of roulette has become a rather prominent feature in movies over the years, being in everything from comedies to action – here are some of the best movies that the game has featured in.

Roulette today

It’s important to note at this juncture that modern technology has allowed such movies to come to prominence since their original releases and it’s that same adoption of tech that has opened up roulette to an entirely new generation of people. Innovations within the Internet specifically have given the opportunity for online-only ventures to become commonplace, such as online casinos where it’s possible to play roulette at Paddy Power and try and understand the game that has now featured in several decade-defining movies. A quick visit to the site can reveal a full run-down of the rules and strategies, as well as a chance to put them into action. Technology has also changed the way that people consume media, making use of streaming services such as Netflix as all-in-one suites to watch both movies and TV shows.

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Bond, James Bond

It would be impossible to go forwards without mentioning a movie franchise that roulette and card games have become synonymous with over the years, James Bond. It’s been well established that the British spy has a soft spot for card games such as baccarat and drinks such as shaken Martinis, but haunting casinos looks to have become one of Bond’s favorite pastimes over the ensuing decades. This is most truly the case in 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever. Within this particular movie, Sean Connery is seen playing a multitude of different casino games with roulette being one of its centerpieces, as he enters the Whyte House mansion and settles at the table.

A trip to France

In-keeping with this theme of exciting games, the 1988 comedy Dirty Rotten Scoundrels featuring the irresistible duo of Michael Caine and Steve Martin features roulette right at the start of the movie as both men play con men who come together to win thousands from casinos across France. There is perhaps some irony in the choice of location for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels being in France as it is thanks to Blaise Pascal, the French mathematician, and his attempts to make a perpetual motion machine that the idea of putting a spinning wheel at the center of a game.

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A focus on the dealer

What’s more, Croupier, starring Clive Owen also features roulette, following the story of a man who is an amateur writer but makes a living out of being a casino croupier. As a result of his occupation, Owen’s character becomes wrapped up in the associated games, and amongst the many table games featured is roulette. It’s a movie that’s as intriguing as it is exciting, and from Owen’s performance, it’s easy to see why the man was touted by many to be the next James Bond upon Croupier’s release.

Roulette, given its position as one of a casino’s most famous games, has been well-placed to have been included in movies all across different genres. The likes of Croupier and even Diamonds Are Forever merely scratch the surface with regards to how many films the game has been included within, and as a result of its status, this number is likely to only continue increasing.

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