From WandaVision to Bingo Slots – Leveraging the Importance of Nostalgia

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The latest in the new line of Marvel television shows, WandaVision hit our screens with widespread applause. Rather than taking an action-heavy approach, this show has already proven to be an odd one within the Marvel mythos. Part comedy and part mystery, WandaVision has based its early episodes around classic series from the ’50s onwards. It’s a bold move, and one that critics and viewers say has paid off.

As for why this worked so well, a big part of this ties into other longer-lasting forms of entertainment, like bingo slots. Also going forward while looking back, both of these avenues have been smash-hits despite older foundations, and we want to investigate why

Las Vegas, The Freemont Street Experienc" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by ShardsOfBlue
Las Vegas, The Freemont Street Experienc” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by ShardsOfBlue

Bingo Slots Moving with Digital Evolution

In the land of bingo slots, the involved concepts date back at least a century. Bingo is dated back as far as the 14th century, and the coin-operated slot machine appeared around 1894. While these evolved continuously over time, the modern era of the bingo slot is easily the most rapidly developing yet. With dozens of games, an enormous variety in themes, and widespread bonuses, these games exist in a modern form on a completely different scale than their brick-and-mortar ancestors.

Yet, despite this evolution, the games still tie their appeal back to their roots. They’re still about spinning reels, they’re still about trying to hit it big, and these classic components will fundamentally always remain the same. Regardless of how far we’ve come, the foundation of these games will always remain strong, leveraging nostalgia and classic gameplay even if we don’t completely understand the older influences it outright.

WandaVision Taking a Look Back

The WandaVision show, while taking a more temporary look back, leans on similar ideas of nostalgia and appeals to important entertainment of years gone by. In the first episode, set in the 1950s, viewers were treated to a black and white showing which heavily lifted from the biggest shows of the time. Inspired by classics like I Married Joan and even I Love Lucy, both 50’s style comedies, the connections here were appealing even to those of us who grew up much later.

Likewise, the next episodes kept up the same trend, each embracing decades later, and a different style of television comedy. From Bewitched to The Dick Van Dyke show and still moving forward, the implementation is about more than just taking a shallow approach. Rather, the idea is to reflect the cultural consciousness of the time, with nostalgia playing a role in WandaVision adding up to more than the sum of its parts. Like bingo slots, the appeal of the older versions still stands the test of time, whether we remember the originals or not.

Too often we adopt the belief that the origins of modern entertainment are so outdated as to no longer be fun. We take for granted the basis on which these games and shows are built, where though the technology and rules were different, the core fun-factor remains relevant. We’re not saying you need to rush out and watch I Love Lucy or find an old slot machine to play, but if you have the chance, it might be worth at least checking these out. We’ve come a long way, but that doesn’t mean our first steps aren’t still impressive and relevant.

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