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[Video Interview] “Pants Optional” – Episode XXV: Eric Peterson & Joe Aubrey

by Jason Bennett
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“Pants Optional” is PopCultHQ’s Zoom video interview feature where we connect with individuals within the comic book community. It’s a way to see/hear what creators have been doing during the pandemic, projects which may be in motion during this downtime, and noteworthy events and happenings taking place in lieu of conventions, appearances, and the weekly NCBD grind.

For Episode XXV, I spoke with Eric Peterson & Joe Aubrey. The writers are two of the co-creators for the new series SPACE BASTARDS at Humanoids. Teamed with acclaimed artist Darick Robertson, the creators debuted the first volume of their exciting sci-fi on Kickstarter. Catching the eye of Humanoids, the publisher is producing single issues on a monthly basis. The second volume of SPACE BASTARDS recently launched on the crowdfunding platform and has exceeded its target goal!

In the future, unemployment and job dissatisfaction are sky-high. When you’ve got nothing left to lose, you join the Intergalactic Postal Service (IPS). Its postal fees are steep—and they go only to whomever ultimately fulfills the delivery, making every run a comically violent free-for-all between the most ruthless mercenaries in the cosmos!

The interplanetary ensemble cast of Space Bastards, under the volatile leadership of Postmaster General Roy Sharpton, are constantly at each other’s throats trying to settle scores and earn big money. But when a rival corporation’s teleportation technology threatens to make their role in the galaxy obsolete, the Bastards must work together to preserve a job they’ve come to love.

Here’s a preview of the exciting first issue!


Writers: Eric Peterson & Joe Aubrey
Artist: Darick Robertson
Colorist: Diego Rodriguez

Letterer: Simon Bowland

Cover Artist: Darick Robertson

In Shops: January 13th, 2020

Poor David S. Proton. A meek, unemployed accountant desperate for money, he joins the Intergalactic Postal Service, paired with Manny Corns, a.k.a. “The Manicorn,” a sardonic brute who thrives on the competition provided by the IPS. But delivery is mercenary for these intergalactic dispatchers-payment goes solely to whoever fulfills the delivery, making every run a comically violent free-for-all between the most ruthless degenerates in the cosmos. Stand back, Lobo! Make way, Han Solo — here come the Space Bastards!


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So take a look and enjoy my conversation with Eric & Joe about their latest project SPACE BASTARDS at Humanoids, and the Kickstarter campaign for the second volume!

A very special thanks to Eric Peterson & Joe Aubrey for taking the time to speak with us at PopCultHQ. Be sure to check out SPACE BASTARDS, available monthly from Humanoids. And don’t miss out on their Kickstarter campaign and snag these hardcover bad boys for yourself. You don’t want to miss this series!

If you are an industry professional and are interested in being featured in our “Pants Optional” segment, hit me up at tahoejbennett@popculthq.com and let’s see what we can put together!






About Humanoids:

Based in Hollywood, California, with branches in Paris, London, and Tokyo HUMANOIDS was co-founded 45 years ago in Paris, France, by legendary creator Mœbius, and has published thousands of titles since, including international bestsellers and iconic series such as The Incal and The Metabarons.




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