[Video] Danish Children’s TV Program Features a Prehensile Penis

John Dillermand
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When it comes to sex education, most of the world does it a little differently than the U.S. In many countries, they broach the subject through children’s television programming.

One such program is the Danish stop-motion children’s series “John Dillermand.” The name John Dillermand roughly translates to John Dickman in English.

John Dillermand is about a man and his very long penis that premiered on January 3, 2021, on the Danish children’s television channel.

He is a middle-aged man wearing a red-and-white striped bathing suit who has a prehensile, stretching penis. John uses his penis as a tool to perform such feats as lion taming, or to fly around like a helicopter. Unfortunately, it often acts independently of John and gets him in trouble.

The first season consists of 13 five-minute episodes that were well received. You can catch the whole series at https://www.dr.dk/drtv/serie/john-dillermand_227277

You can see the intro here: