[Comic Book Review] BOOM! Studios’ FIREFLY: The Unification War Vol. 1 TPB

PopCultHQ received advance review copy of FIREFLY: The Unification War Vol. 1 TPB from BOOM! Studios. Available December 30th, the creative team for this book features writing from Greg Pak, art from Dan McDaid, ink assists by Anthony Fowler, Jr. & Tim Lattie, colors from Marcelo Costa, and letters from Jim Campbell.

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FIREFLY: The Unification War Vol. 1 TPB

Story: Greg Pak
Art: Dan McDaid
Ink Assists: Anthony Fowler, Jr. & Tim Lattie
Colors: Marcelo Costa
Letters: Jim Campbell

Cover Artist: Lee Garbett

SRP: $14.99

Collects Firefly #1-4

From Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Avengers) comes a new era of Firefly, as the definitive story of the Unification War is told at last!

Captain Malcolm Reynolds thought he could outrun his past, but when a simple heist goes wrong, he’s forced to make a choice: fix the past or fight for the future.

Along with Whedon, writer Greg Pak (Mech Cadet Yu) and artist Dan McDaid (Judge Dredd: Mega City Zero) take you back to the battleground where it all began…and reveal a secret history that might end it all.

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PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review:
FIREFLY: The Unification War Vol. 1 TPB

Out there among the vast reaches of space, there is a lot of chaos and crazy things that go on. Moons where things are sitting pretty like on the Core and places where life is a daily struggle just to survive. Yet through it all, Malcolm Reynolds and the crew of Serenity keep on going. Against all odds and through even the most difficult challenges. Strap in, load up, and be prepared, because it’s time to take off into The Unification War Vol. 1.

Writing: Greg Pak greatly and grandly graces the ‘verse with his writing ability. From the cramped corridors of Serenity, to the dangerous and exciting moon of Bethlehem, Greg leads readers and Browncoats alike on a journey that seems simple, but is anything but for Mal, Wash, Zoe, and the gang. He keeps the suspense high and the action, witty dialogue, and plot development flowing page after page. This first volume is anything but dull with Greg at the helm for this TPB and it is a credit to both his work as a writer and the spirit of Firefly.

Art: Dan McDaid does a delightful job of dishing out daring art on every page. He captures the essence of Firefly throughout the story, especially with the facial expressions of Mal, the crew, and various supporting characters. One could almost say it’s as if he sat down with Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, and the rest of the cast to gain an understanding of their facial features in order to bring them to life on the printed page. Another thing about Dan’s contributions that readers and Browncoats will love are his splash pages during battles, flashbacks, or moments when the landscape changes to something entirely different.

Colors: Marcelo marvelously manages the magnificent colors for the TPB. Because of the colorful nature of the show and film, it calls for a color palette that is both varied and eye-catching. Some of the most bright and appealing colors are not just the landscapes that the intrepid crew walks through. Even the clothing, skin tones, and explosions (so many explosions) have colors that really make them stand out. This book is a visual testament to Marcelo’s excellent work as a colorist.

Letters: Jim Campbell does a fine job of lettering this fun and fabulous book. One qualm this reviewer had, was that he certainly captured the spirit of each character through the lettering, however the energy was somewhat lacking. It is as if the spark that all the performers carried throughout the show and movie is missing. While this does detract from the book in its own way, it does not diminish Jim’s work overall.

PopCultHQ’s overall assessment:

This is one fine book. Everything about is excellent, even while the lettering leaves something to be desired with regards to the characters. Nevertheless, The Unification War Vol. 1 delivers a compelling, engaging, and awesome tale of the crew of Serenity. To every Browncoat out there in the ‘verse, this is one shiny read indeed.

PopCultHQ’s Rating:

PopCultHQ Rating - 4.5 Stars

4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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